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    Default Private Sunset Cruise or Private Dinner at CN

    We will be at CN for the first time in August (we have been to CSS and CTI), and are looking for some new ways to use our resort credits. I have been hearing about the Private Sunset Cruise, but dont know where I can get information on times available, cost, booking, etc. It isnt listed as a Romance Package option anywhere. The other option we are considering is the Private Dinner in the Treehouse. Where can we get information on the menu and booking for that?

    Also, for those of you that have done the private sunset cruise, was it worth the cost, or would it be better to just do the dinner, especially if you are already doing the Cat Cruise. Recommendations appreciated!!


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    We did the Private Sunset Cruise at CN last January. It was fantastic! It's definitely worth it and we are going to do it again on our next trip. It costs $150 and you reserve it at the Water Sports Hut on the beach. They charge it to your room, so it just comes out of your resort credits. They take you wherever you want, whenever you want. The will tell you the best time to go for a great sunset and dolphin watching. They took us down Long Bay to Rick's, where we stopped for a while (didn't get off the boat, but probably could have if we had wanted to) and then down to the Negril Lighthouse. On the way back, we stopped at a place where the dolphins play, but didn't see any on our trip. I guess you can stop and go swimming or snorkeling if you want. They take along pop, juice, beer, wine, champagne and a cheese and crackers platter. The use the dive boat and treat you like royalty. They take you out to the dive boat on a paddle boat so you don't even get your feet wet. It's mucj better than the Private Dinner (which we have done 3 times).
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    Thanks for the great feedback Wally! I think I would rather do this than the dinner, it sounds really nice.

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    The price of the private cruise was actually $250 per couple, if you have more than one couple they give you a little break. We just did it at CN a couple weeks ago. Still well worth it.

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