I have a reservation for CTI May 12-19. My husband and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I am so very excited about getting to travel to Jamaica but am afraid I have picked the wrong resort.

Here are my concerns:
1) The beach is going to be way to small and crowded. I can handle a small beach although I would have preferred long walks on the beach. However, I reviewed the dates we are traveling and it now shows through online booking that the resort is full for these days. A small beach+ lots of people= crowded and miserable for me as I am not a fan of large crowds. They actually make me have panic attacks which is why we selected what looked like a smaller resort brand than some of the other A.I.

2) Not being able to enjoy the restaurants
There has been a lot of talk about not being able to get reservations at the restaurants. I am also very detailed orientated and the more i can have planned before I leave the less overwhelmed I will feel. I sent the romance concierge an email but have not received a reply. I just want to be able to enjoy both of the restaurants while we are there.

3)Not knowing what to expect...again this goes back to my control issues. I see alot of people posting about the other resorts but very few about CTI.

I will make the best of it because it is already paid for and I will be with my husband but any positive feedback would help ease my stress......