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    Default CSS Review 4/6-13

    We stayed at San Souci April 6-13. It was a wonderful and relaxing vacation! We only had to wait for a bus for about 5 minutes after we checked in at the Couples Lounge in the airport. We used Club Mobay and clearly you do NOT have to wait for your plane to clear customs and immigration etc. We rode with Karen and Paul from this message board to the resort. The bus ride was uneventful and the bus seemed brand new. Our driver pointed out where we were and various points of interest along the way. Once we got to San Souci about an hour and 45 minutes later we were warmly greeted by Kevin and Evol who of course were wonderful! The champagne and cold cloth were very welcome!

    The front desk staff was also very pleasant and helpful. Our room was not ready yet (it was early) so we went off to Palazina for lunch. After that we came back and had only a few minutes wait to be sent to our new home for a week: Penthouse E-11. It was amazingly beautiful. We found beautiful towel art with flowers when we entered which is always a nice touch. It had a big bedroom with a huge closet. A small bathroom with a tub/shower combo that was totally functional for our needs. The living room was also large with a couch, chairs and a table and chairs you could dine at. There was a flat screen TV in both the living and bedrooms. There was a small “bar room” we called it where the mini bar was and there was a sink and cabinets. The balcony was beautiful with a table and four chairs as well as two loungers and an amazing view of the sea. We were basically over the fitness pavilion and two rooms over from the balloon bar terrace. At night we could definitely hear the entertainment, but it didn’t bother us at all. Housekeeping was wonderful as on our previous trips (one to San Souci and two to Tower Isle). Did the furniture seem dated? Yes – but was it beat up or somehow tattered or unsightly? Not at all!

    The food was excellent. The first night we dined at Bella Vista. This was a wonderful meal with equally excellent service. It’s really nice eating right on the beach and the menu was great. I don’t eat red meat or pork so when I have multiple choices I’m in heaven! That seemed to be the case all week! We dined at Casanova another night and Palazina as well. I’m not sure which I enjoyed most. All were excellent and the service is just never anything but wonderful. Milton at Palazina and Nicola at Casanova were particularly excellent. We also ate at the repeaters dinner which was a great experience. I’ve heard some concern about it being a “buffet” but it definitely is not Golden Corral. You do have to get up to get your entrée and sides, but everything else (appetizer, soup, salad and dessert) is served to you in such a way that you’d have to be crazy to call it a “just a buffet”!

    We did a private dinner on the beach which was well worth the cost. It’s nice to have an occasion (our 10th anniversary) and be able to celebrate in such a special way. We are not much on the big buffets so we made our own private dinners in our room two nights on the balcony with room service –also very romantic! Again – service and food quality all excellent. We ate like royalty all week! For breakfast we did Palazina every day except our last day where we did room service. It was always good and I never ran short of things to try! For lunch we either ate at Palazina or the Sunset Beach grill which had an awesome selection – much better than the last time we were here.

    We didn’t do much in the way of activities because either we’d already done them or we were simply too lazy. Our goal for this vacation was to relax! The beaches were beautiful. The main beach beats sunset beach for lack of rocks, but both were beautiful to lie on and I thought the swimming areas on both were a good size. The pools were wonderful as well; I loved the one at sunset beach and the mineral pool. While some people did get up very early to reserve chairs at both the beaches and the pool (then not bother to use them till noon or later) they were in the minority and we were always able to find a nice place in the shade wherever we wanted to sit, floatie included.

    The bars were all great. Love the blue flag service on the main beach – that needs to be extended everywhere – it’s wonderful!! The bartenders are really great, never a shortage of top shelf or a skimpy drink to be had.

    The spa was also a highlight of our trip. We had a 25 minute couples massage that came with a Romance package which was wonderful, we also had a reflexology foot massage and a 50 minute aromatherapy couples massage that was amazing on our last day. The spa staff was great, we had the same therapists for everything.

    Tipping always seems to come up so let me address that. We left small gifts for housekeeping (bath & body works items and chocolates) but never tipped. That didn’t change the level of service, the type of liquor we got or the amazing time that we had. We were treated like royalty and didn’t see others receive more or less service.

    Overall it was an amazing, relaxing trip and I can’t wait to do it again. I’d absolutely return to San Souci. The only reason I wouldn’t would be if I wanted to explore another Couples property!

    Just a note - we also used Club Mobay on the way home. It was also worth it. We got through security faster and the lounge was nice. The snacks were great as was the bar service. It was much more comfortable than sitting in the terminal for over an hour!
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    13 days to CSS!! AHHHHH

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    Wow! Excellent review. Very nice detail.

    My husband and I visited CSS in January for our 8th anniversary and celebrated with the dinner on the beach as well. It was so romantic!

    We loved it so much that we are booked for June and leave in 73 days. We upgraded our room to a penthouse suite this time (We had a beachfront suite last time, which was wonderful!), and from your review, it sounds like we're really going to enjoy the penthouse!

    Glad you had a great time!

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    Default Club Mobay

    Can you tell me what Club Mobay is? We are going to CSS next week. Thanks!

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    Can you tell me what Club Mobay is? We are going to CSS next week and wondered if this is something I should be checking into. Thanks!

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    Club Mobay is a service where you can get arrival, departure or both types of service. I think both is best personally - especially if you're traveling on a Saturday. For arrival they meet you as you get off the plane, check your immigration documentation and walk you through a "fast track" line at Immigration and Customs - this was lightning fast for us. They then take you to the couples lounge to check in, then you can go to the Club Mobay lounge next door for drinks and snacks. It can literally save you an hour or more in lines.

    For departure you will check in with your airline as normal, then go to the fast track/club mobay line at security, present your tickets and go in the fast track line there - again skipping the long lines. You'll then go to the Club Mobay lounge to wait instead of in the hard plastic seats at the gate. They will provide you with free snacks (sandwiches, tapas etc.) and an open bar.

    To get the service, go to
    Susan & Chris
    CTI 2003, 2004
    CSS 2008, 2013!

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    Thanks for the wonderful review. I am jealous you got to meet KAren and PAul! They have been so helpful to us in planning for our first trip to CSS this Oct.

    Also, thanks for the part about the E Penthouse, we've reserved a Penthouse and I love to hear about them.

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    Great review, it was nice to meet you and Chris! We also had another amazing CSS holiday with great friends.

    Thanks Brenda, that's very sweet of you to say

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