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    Default New to CN - Questions

    We will be at CN 4/30 - 5/7 and have some questions.
    1. - Are there any reservations that we should be making now?
    2. - Golf. How much does it cost (ie...caddie, clubs). Are you required to have a cart (how much?)
    3. - Scuba. Classes are at 9am? How long are they? How long does SCUBA take, including the class and the dive?
    4. - Lobster season...Is it really over?
    5. - Any other tips?
    6. - Snorkeling. Is it offered daily?


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    1) No, unless you want to plan ahead for a spa service. Nothing else can be reserved before you get there.

    2) Greens Fees and Transport is covered by your A-I. Other costs include Caddy Fee ( approx. $18), Cart Fee is $18 per person but cart is optional. Note that the caddies do not get the Caddy Fee... they work for tips so be sure to tip your caddy and to get them a drink when you get one. Typically people tip at least $1 per hole.
    If you need to rent clubs that is $25 - $45 depending on what you want. Take ball with you if you can as they are expensive.

    3) If you mean the Resort Course it is a couple of hours usually, with testing and dive it's half a day i think (I am certified and stopped paying attention to this so maybe someone will have some better info on this.
    4) Yes
    5) Relax and enjoy!
    6) Yes

    Have a great trip! We get back to CN in mid-June. Can hardly wait!

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    Thank you!!!

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    When is lobster season at CN? and what night?

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