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    Default Hot tubs at night?

    One of the main reasons why we like Couples is because we like to enjoy the hot tubs at night (sit in them, have a drink, and gaze at the stars, that's it). I've been reading through the forums and I'm reading between the lines that people engage in I'm assuming sexual activities in them at night, this is a bit disturbing (keep it in the room). When we were at CSA we never ran into this issue and those who enjoyed the hot tubs in the evening were social. Have things changed, because this is not the type of resort that I signed up for! I can't find the thread but it did mention of an incident (hoping it was an isolated event) occurring at CTI and now groups are no longer permitted in the spa hot tub after hours. I also don't want people to think that's what we are doing when we are in there at night. Please tell me these people are exaggerating!

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    I think you are naive if you believe no one has had sex in an area that is unapproved for such activities. Couples does have explicit rules that address this thou. And they include being removed from the resort. I believe the activity at the Buda pool at CTI involved a group of people bathing nude, not having an orgy, if thats what you were insinuating.

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    I think people at CTI were using the hot tub in the spa at night in place of the island to go au naturel because the island is closed. Not that they were doing things that should only be done in their rooms.

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    I have never seen anything like that in a hot tub at any of the resorts.

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    the (2) main hot tubs are out in the open, doubt that would happen often. There is a secluded hot tub at the spa but we never did see anyone in that one at night. Do not believer everything that you read on TA

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    Thanks everyone I assumed the reports were incorrect and like I said before we never had this issue. I just wanted to double check.

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