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    Default 1st visit to C.S.S. excursions or stay at resort?

    We have been to Jamaica several times, our choice of stay has been to remain at the resort and enjoy all that was offered. We have done the Falls and after that decided that we wasted a lot of time for very little. Will anyone suggest a can't miss type excursion?
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    There is a tubing trip down the white river that is a lot of fun. We did it with our kids last Dec (2012). Not sure if the resort will run trips, but I'm sure they would have info. Personally I'm looking forward to diving often

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    We go on vacation for the R&R factor and to reconnect with each other. Thus, we hardly ever leave the resort. It's paradise and it's already paid for. There is plenty to do at the resort for those who are more active. We've met couples that go on an excursion every single day... and they wear me out. They get back late in the day, and in my opinion, miss out on a wonderful relaxing day at the resort.

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    We were at CSS Feb/12 and enjoyed Dunn's River Falls, but the raft trip down the Martha Brae is also a wonderful excursion. The only negative is that it is located near Montego Bay, which means an almost 2 hr drive each way. Other than that, the resort is so peaceful and beautiful, why would you want to leave?
    By the way, the trip to the "Taj Mahal market" is mostly a waste of time unless you enjoy hearing "Welcome - for you today, everything half price" in an East Indian accent.

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