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    Default First time CN, June 15-19, looking for tips

    My husband and I are coming to CN mid June. We honeymooned 10 years ago at CTU (then Couples Ocho Rios). I'm wondering if we have to make dinner reservations for the week when we arrive; when we went to COR the first time, we didn't make dinner reservations the first day, so we never got to eat at any of the nicer restaurants. I'm wondering if excursions need to be scheduled the first day too, do people reserve these things before they arrive at the resort?

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    Welcome back! You will,have a great time. Only one restaurant needs reservations. You can book 3 days in advance and in 5 years we have never had an issue getting a table. This is the fine dining restaurant called Otaheite. Long pants and nice shirt for the gents. Other restaurants are walk up. Depending on the time... May have a little wait, but never far from a bar to sit and enjoy. We always visit the piano bar before dinner for martinis. One dining tip, if you are not at the repeaters dinner on Monday night, choose the buffet. A lot of staff are tied up with the repeaters dinner, so service may be slower at the al a cartes. Enjoy!
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