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    Default Negril a little curious

    We just booked our second trip to couples. We went to CTI the first time and decided to try Couples Negril this time. Just wondering what to expect. We loved CTI and hope that we enjoy Negril has much. Can anyone tell me some of the differences and what we should check out at Negril.

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    We've done both CTI (both before and after renovation) and CN (2000 & 2010).

    CN is more spread out and tropical. Much nicer beach, but no island. Swim-up bar is central to the resort and adjacent to the largest swimming pool I've ever seen. Also seems to be central to entertainment and socializing throughout the day.

    Rooms are sperad out over a series of buildings that "horseshoe" through the property instead of 1 long building.

    Rooms are gorgeous and tropical. I loved the view from my last room at CTI (3rd floor with a great view of the island), but even the Garden View rooms at CN are spectacular.

    Overall I'd say CN is more tropical and updated than CTI, with great nightlife, and (as with all the Couples resorts) a spectacular staff.

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    Thank You!

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    We went to CTI for our honeymoon. Then we went to CN the next year. As you can see from our signature, we really like CN. I don't have anything new to add to the previous comments, but trust me, you will love CN, especially if you like a great beach.
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    I have done both, and people prefer different properties for their own reasons. I am more a fan of CN then CTI, although I have been to CTI twice. We have done CN 7 trips, (CSS once), and I like it better primarily for the beach and the different vibe. CTI has a different crowd, and they are a very tight knit group (and can be boisterous!), but the property always seems a bit too active for me. I don't mean that in a negative way, it is just more of a party atmosphere at CTI than you see at CN.

    CN is also where we have met so many people. While we are splitting our trip this time in two resorts, CN is still one of those two, and not a second thought was given to the matter.

    CN has a better beach in my mind. It's just a matter of personal preference when it comes down to it, but I think repeaters should have a chance to try all of the couples resorts. While the service is good at all of them, they each seem to have their own ambience appealing to individual tastes.

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    We are a bit biased but my hubby & I think CN is by far the THE BEST ..... We haven't been to CTI but we have been to CSA & CSS both 1X each & have trip #7 booked to CN .... Don't think you'll be disappointed with CN, especially if a GORGEOUS beach is high on your list of priorities ..... We had been to other AI's in Jamaica (in Negril) 3X before we tried CSA .... Loved it .... The next year, we tried CN & LOVED it WAY more so went 2 more X before doing the SR & getting CSS ..... We realized then that CN was THE PLACE FOR US so that's where we will keep returning.

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