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    Default Split Stay CN CSS

    Okay so I am a newbie to Couples. I am wanting to know if the experts on here think that 9 days would be sufficient time for a split stay between CN and CSS? Or would it be in my best interest just to stay put at one?

    Thanks for input in advance.

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    I won't tell you one way or another what you should do but for consideration the first day and 9th day are travel days. More of less so depending on the time your flights arrive and depart. The trip between CSS and CN is a drive of around 4 hours, maybe more depending on traffic in MoBay. In my thinking, that would make for 6 real vacation days, three at each resort.

    Scott and June

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    No, 9 days is not sufficient imho, for a cross-island switch. If you said CN+CSA I would say yes, same with CTI and CSS, as they are close to each other. Going from Negril to Ocho you'll burn essentially a full day with the switch, or at the very least it will feel that way.

    We did an 8-day, 4+4 switch between CTI and CN years ago. It felt more like two short vacations. We never got fully into our normal "sand gravity" mode.

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    I am leaving in 10 days for a 9 day split stay at CSA (6) and CTI (3). Most of the repeat guests told me that it was not enough time, but no vacation is ever long enough lol. As a first timer to Jamaica and Couples I will let you know once I return.

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    We're on the second half of our CN CSS split, doing a 15 day trip total. I don't think 9 days is long enough for a split, and if I had to do it all over again I would have stayed at CSS the whole time. Long review of the split will be posted when we return in a week.

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    9 days is a little short for this cross island split. Better idea would be to split with CSA and CN or CTI and CSS. IMHO...!

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    I am not an expert, but have done tons of research on the boards. We went to sans souci for the first time this march, and spent 10 days 9 nights there. We have a split stay for cn css booked for next april, and are doing a week at each. From reading the boards, the shortest split stay you would want to do would be about 10 days. Depending on your flight times, you will miss most of your first day at the resort. When you transfer, it is a 3-4 hour bus ride from one resort to the other, so that plus check out and check in take up most of another day. The day you leave, you need to check out 4 hours in advance, so that takes another day. Based on that, you would only get 3 full days at each resort. Throw in a day to explore each resort, and a potential trading places day, so you can check out swept away and tower isle from 10-4, and your time quickly dwindles.

    Another option, is instead of taking the bus, you can charter a flight from negril to sans souci, and turn a 3-4 hour bus ride into a 40 minute flight and short taxi ride to sans souci. My wife and i are hoping to do this, and are looking for people to share the cost with. The cost is a little over $800 US, and would be split by up to 4 couples looking to go from negril to sans souci, or sans souci to negril, or sans souci to montego bay. We are doing our transfer on april 26th. Just an fyi for you as you plan your trip.

    For my wife and i, a 9 day split would not be enough. We are a little concerned, though, that a full two weeks might be a little too much, but by doing that, we were able to get the special rates for both resorts.

    8 months 10 days 23 hours 37 minutes until we come back home!

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    It really depends on you, for us it wouldn't work. We always figure the first day doesn't count. We also don't count the last night cause you know you have to get up and leave in the morning. Then if you want to do a split from CN/CSS you will have another day that is at least half used getting from one resort to another, plus packing and un packing and getting to know resort.

    We did a 4/10 day split last year CSS/CSA. It was almost enough time at CSS, really need one more day at CSS and 10 days at CSA is just about right for us.

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    Default To split or not to split?

    We did an 8-day split between CN and CSS 2 years ago, but I will also say that we had been to CSS on previous trips. Generally, I think 9 days is just a touch short, but depending on your reasons for a split, it can work. We wanted to add CN to our CSS vaca so that we could 1) go on a catamaran cruise 2) check out the Negril beach 3) try out new restaurants. Your 1st trip to Jamaica and Couples may imprint a particular resort and it is hard not to compare them, even though each resort has such different character.
    The downfall of a split with less than 5 days (IMHO) include the following:
    Packing & unpacking after 4 days, spending 3 hours on a bus in the middle of your trip, having less time to get reservations at your ideal time/restaurant/watersports activity.

    The upside of the split that we found were:
    getting to experience multiple Couples resort on 1 flight ticket, new restaurants, gift shops, and people to meet, if you have romance rewards, getting your perks 2X and just being in Jamaica!

    We found in the split that while the beach in Negril was big, beautiful white sandy paradise, the foot & vendor traffic wasn't for us. We were ok to sacrifice size and "picture perfect" sand for idyllic R&R that CSS offers. While we've never ventured to SSB, our room was right next the A/N at CN so it was easy to step out in the open. The facilities at SSB (having been during sunset hour) seem to be a bit nicer and more welcoming if that is your thing. To us, when we pulled in the driveway at CSS, we all breathed a sigh of relief that we were finally home. CN was fun, but our priority list draws us to CSS. We tried a CTI/CSS split this past year, which was better with the shorter commute between resorts, but the other cons were still there.

    My best advice is to make your priority lists on why each one has drawn you and figure out if you really want to take the time to move between. Staying at one resort for the whole time you will definitely get to know the hidden spots better and not miss out on any activities. We thought we might get bored with a long-ish stay, but if that's a problem, you can always do an off-site excursion. The real reason why we did splits is because we weren't sure we were going to like the 1st new resort (CN or CTI) so we had a back-up plan of ending our vacation at the place we call home just to be sure. If you have one you think you like a little better, go there last. No matter what, leaving Jamaica will be heart-wrenching and as long as you are at Couples, I am sure you will have an amazing time.
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    You will waste almost a whole day transferring from Negril to Ocho

    checking out
    waiting on transpo
    3 hour drive to the resort
    checking in
    maybe waiting on your room

    if you transfer between resorts in Negril or OR then it is only a 10 minute drive

    We did it, I would not do it again

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    Stay put. You have to do a minimum of 3 days at any resort and in my opinion, 3 days is not enough for any resort. And if you only did 3 at one, you'd only get to do 6 at the other which doesn't give you the opportunity to fully experience the resort. Stay put.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    We did a 3 day at CN then went to CSS for 4 days.It was great.Don't let people tell you it's not long enough..It's a 3 hour car ride and beautiful to boot.We love CN for watersports and the beach ..also the cat cruise.Then we go to CSS for the views and AN beach..both are awesome and very different.we would do it again in a heartbeat..I say go for it!

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    We often stay at CSS for 9 days, and the time just flies by. For us, 9 days would be too short a time to lose a day packing, driving (especially all the way from CN to CSS), and unpacking. Our advice would be to pick one of the two, and stay for 9 days. It will be interesting to see what others think.

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    I'd stay at one resort. Unless you can spend 2 weeks, a spilt isn't worth it.
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    Wev were just at CSS for our first time and many to CN, we enjoyed it tremendously at CSS but think next trip will be a split as both differ in our opinion so it would feel like two smaller trips in one.

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    We did a CSS/CN split, 4 days CSS and 7 CN. The problem was that we started with CSS for 4 days, and we just did not want to leave. We got to CN and hated it for the first few days. We asked at the time if we could cancel our CN booking and just stay at CSS, but were told we would loose our money for CN and have to pay the current rate for the extra week at CSS. So if I just had 9 days, I would pick one resort and try the other resort next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatyouknow View Post
    Okay so I am a newbie to Couples. I am wanting to know if the experts on here think that 9 days would be sufficient time for a split stay between CN and CSS? Or would it be in my best interest just to stay put at one?

    Thanks for input in advance.

    You could do it, but it's a long trip between CN and CSS, and if I only had 9 days, I would choose one or the other. I'd pretty much loose a whole day traveling between, and I don't think 4 days at each resort would provide me a very relaxing vacation, but that's me. If I had 14 days, I'd do them both.

    So if you're looking for adventure, go for both! If you're looking for relaxation, I'd choose one. I can't help you with which one though, you'll just have to read about the differences on the website. CN and CSS are very different, and each have their own perks.

    Either way, you can't make a wrong decision.

    CN 2009, CSS 2013, CN 2014

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    I'd say stay put unless you're doing a week at each .... Your first & last days are always pretty much shot anyway with traveling, waiting for your room to be ready, being tired, etc. & if you change resorts, you're going to lose the transfer day as well .... CN & CSS are not close to each other. We've never done a split but do stay 9 days at CN & it's not enough time.

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    Our suggestion would be to pick one and just stay there. We did a split stay between these two resorts two years ago, five days at each, and we felt we were just getting settled at each when it was time to move. We tried the split because we love both resorts so much but for now we will just select one and stay there.

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    stay put

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    I agree with the general consensus to stay put for 9 days. We have done 7 nights at both CN and CSS, and we could have easily stayed another 2 days at both. You could do the trading places day to mix it up a little and see a different resort if you think you will get bored, so if you are at CSS, you could spend a day at CTI, or if you are at CN, you could spend a day at CSA.

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    We did 14 days, 7 at CN and 7 at CSS, and it was sufficient time, although my favorite is CSS, hubby's happens to be CN, so we compromise. Just be prepared for the long drive from Negril to Ocho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatyouknow View Post
    Okay so I am a newbie to Couples. I am wanting to know if the experts on here think that 9 days would be sufficient time for a split stay between CN and CSS? Or would it be in my best interest just to stay put at one?

    Thanks for input in advance.
    We actually asked for a transfer from CN to CSS after we were completely unhappy on our third trip there. We only lost about 2.5 hours with the transfer. We made it in time to still enjoy a late breakfast at CSS. If anything I would suggest a 3 day at the resort you're not 100% sure about and 6 at the one that really calls you.
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    Thanks for all your advice! I decided to do a 4-5 split CN, CSA since they are closer together. A 3-4 hour drive was just too much to think about. If I like Couples I will try CSS next year. My trip is Dec.24-January 2 so a way to go yet.. Thanks again everyone!

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    With a 10 day trip, we did five at CTI, and with a drive at about 8AM, we were at CN for lunch. We really enjoyed 2 experiences. This January we are doing 10 at CTI, as it is our true"home away". I would however, try another split, CTI/CSA. Love Couples!

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