I am going to attempt something here…to write the longest review <ever> of CSA. It will be multiple posts in this thread. I know each year prior to going I become obsessive reading these reviews, so I hope I can pay that enjoyment forward.

We traveled to CSA Thursday 4/18 – Saturday 4/27. 9 Nights. Our third trip in as many years to CSA. Our previous 2 trips were 7 nights, and we always left the resort so sad, wanting more. We think 9 nights is prefect, at that point we will missing home.

Arriving in Jamaica on a Thursday morning, I think around 1030am, was a breeze. From landing to getting to the lounge was maybe 15 minutes. We only had time to use restroom and get a few drinks “to go” before we were boarding the bus. We hit a lot of traffic in Montego Bay, but the (very quiet) driver made up the time and we were at resort within an hour and 15 minutes.

Checkin was easy because it was only us and 1 other couple. Our room wasn't ready, no problem, come back around 3. We went and had a few drinks at beach bar, then off for our annual first meal at Seagrapes for fish tacos and sweet potato chips. Afterwards we headed back to the lobby to check on our room. It was mayhem. Couples needs to improve on this. I mean you could just look around and see people huffing and puffing, already thinking about the bad review they’d be writing on TA. It’s not a terrible process, it’s just not organized, so it leaves a lot of people not knowing what to do/wondering if they know I am here/where am I in the order/did they forget about me. Just assign everyone a number, then call out the numbers. Then everyone knows what is going on.

Thankfully, after about 15 minutes of waiting, the original girl that checked us in came up to us to say our room was ready, and she was able to give us ground floor is the building we like. Thank you! She handed us the usual packet of info, including our Romance Rewards credits, and off we went.

For the third trip in a row we had a garden room. Funny, I almost didn't book this resort the first time because beachfront wasn't available. Thankfully my travel agent convinced me otherwise. We have always been on the old side, which we prefer, and we love the ground floor. First, because it is private with lush vegetation/blocks noise, Second it’s so easy to walk out back door and you are at beach in about 30 seconds, and Third when you get room service breakfast they just leave it, no need to wake up and open door. Next trip we may try atrium to see how it compares.

The people that complain of road noise in the GVS, I think this is the exception, not the rule. I think probably a handful of rooms or a building or two have the issues. If you get one of those rooms, just asked to be moved. You may have to wait a day, but they will move you no problem.

The bathroom lighting is still way too dark for me. But I get used to it a few days in and it doesn't bother me. And really the rest of the room is great. Always clean, simple, comfortable. This year it seems our AC wasn't as powerful as previous years. I was NEVER hot, but years prior I was freezing and layering PJs.

Our first day it rained throughout afternoon and most of evening. The second and third day it rained on and off in afternoon, forcing us to leave beach. We were getting nervous. Our previous trips were in May. We booked April specifically hoping for less rain. This was worse. But…that was the last of the rain. For the next 6 days not a drop of rain, perfect weather. I would guess mid eighties. Warm, yet comfortable. Nights were never sweaty or sticky sitting outside to eat.

Now, I may have freaked you out a bit if you are going in May, thinking it rains all of the time. Let me explain. Our 2 experiences in May I would guess out of the 14 days, it rained 10 of those days…BUT 12 of those days the rain lasted less than 10 minutes. No big deal, usually after 3 or 4 pm, trust me. However, I am that person that gets bitten up by bugs. Sand fleas, no see-ums, whatever you call them. A lot of people have the theory “they come out after it rains”, so we wanted to try a dryer month.

Well that theory is untrue for me. As I mentioned, those last 6 days of our trip this year, not a drop of rain. And yet I got over 60 bites. And yes I was spraying myself with deet. All day. I was not on beach at night. Well, one of last nights, but I already had bites at that point. Again, not to scare you. My husband didn’t get 1 bite. In fact, I only met one other person all week that got bit up. I did however meet a lot of people that like to say “the bugs like you because you are so sweet”. Unfortunately their kindness doesn't help me itch any less.

That’s all for now…will write more tomorrow…hope you enjoy!