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    Can't wait to get back to Couples and Jamaica. First trip to Ocho Rios for us, splitting time between CSS (June 8-12) and CTI (June 12-17). Looking for others who will be going to CTI in June. Please copy and fill in the information so we can all get to be friends and enjoy Couples!

    Names: Sally and Kevin (CN 2012)
    Ages: 50 & 51
    How many times to CTI: First Time
    Trip dates: June 12-17
    Room type: Ocean Junior Suite
    Reason for trip: Anniversary - FUN
    Where you from: Indianapolis, Indiana
    What you're looking forward to most: Beachin', Drinkin', Eatin', Lovin'
    Will you go A/N during trip: Yes - Island time!!!
    Drink you're looking forward to: Bob Marley, Pina Coladas, Red Stripe
    Kids: 2 Boys in College - Loving the empty nester lifestyle!!!
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): 11
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    Sure hope there are more couples going in June...on the other hand, it'll be nice if we have the entire resort to ourselves, lol!!
    Can't wait to get back!!

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    Hey there Hoosiers!!

    Names: Lynn & Craig (CN 2000&2010; CTI 2009&2011; CSA 2012&2013)
    Ages: 38 & 41
    How many times to CTI: This will be the 3rd
    Trip dates: June 19-23; Heading to CN June 23-27
    Room type: Deluxe Ocean
    Reason for trip: Anniversary (Although our 15th is in April, kids in school hold us off until June)
    Where you from: New Castle, Delaware
    What you're looking forward to most: floating, relaxing, drinking, laughing with new friends
    Will you go A/N during trip: Craig is the Mayor of CTI...he's got the old bathroom key to prove it
    Drink you're looking forward to: Craig will do a Bob Marley then forget the rest of the day! Red Stripe, Bloody Marys, Vodka Ting slushie!!
    Kids: 3 between the two of us! 19, 13 and 10
    Level of excitement (1 - 10): Off the charts!!!

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    Thanks for joining Lynn and Craig! Too bad our times don't overlap. Have a great vacation. We can't wait. 229 days and counting!

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