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    Default Personal Wedding Website?

    Has anyone ever made a personal wedding website, to help guest view wedding details? Which particular site is the best and easiest for a Destination Wedding?

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    Check out . This is the company we use for our registry programs... Congratulations.

    Couples Resorts

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    Default Wedding website

    I have been doing a little research myself on a website. I figured it would be nice to all the guests to have a one stop shop for all the info and booking information. There is a great option I found, it is I haven't used it yet, but is seems to have some great reviews. I am planning on setting it up through them as time comes closer...we aren't getting married until April 2011 at CSA. Good Luck!

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    I made a personal wedding website for our wedding/reception at It is super easy to use (and free). They have a bunch of different pages set up and you just enter in your info and it does everything for you. Its not specific for destination weddings but you can use it however you want. I've found it very helpful and everyone that has visited my site absolutely loves it. If you want to check out our site its: Enjoy!

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    Cougchick5~ I LOVE your website!
    I actually started my own site also through prior to reading your post, however, I'm having trouble figuring out how to do all the stuff you did on your site!

    I got tons of questions? Mind if I email you?

    Thanks soo much

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    or you can email me??

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    Default Cougchick5; Help Please

    Cougchick5; I would really love it if you could email me (or give me yours). I have a bunch of questions on how you set up your website, which I just LOVE!!! But am having trouble doing certain things with mine. I know you just got married (congrats!!) and are probably very busy, but please help when you can! Thanks


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    I used

    It was really easy to use and you can connect it to your facebook page for everyone to see.

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    wedding book for me as well!! I love it!!

    check ours out!!

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