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    Default Can you swim to the island?

    Hi! we are going in June 2014 and were wondering if you could swim to the island? How about kayak? Thanks!! Will

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    Yes you could swim to the island, but you need to be careful because boats would not be looking for you. It is not far.

    You could kayak over but there is no place to leave your kayak and I am sure they discourage go you doing it.
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    Thanks! Changed my plans to Sans Souci

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    I never asked if you could kayak. If they allowed it, it could be beached on the other side of the dock in the patch of sand.

    I also never tried to swim to the island. I asked several times to swim back from the island. The best they would let me do is swim half way back.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    Yes you can! My boyfriend and I did it several times throughout our 4 day stay this week. We would have another couple take our bag to the island (or one of the staff members) and swim over, have a drink, re-suit, swim back to the clothing side, have a drink, then swim back to the island! We met a triatholon member who estimated that the roundtrip was approx 1/3 a mile. Ah im missing it already...

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