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    Default South Side VS North Side???

    OK...for us newbies..what's the difference? (besides the obvious)

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    Never heard of this, but I can only assume it has to do with the "original" area vs the "new" area. A number of years ago (about 6?) Couples began an ambitious update to the SweptAway facilities, effectively doubling its size, with the addition of the GreatHouse facilities and the verandah suite classifications.

    These additions were constructed on the south end of the resort, on a large area of the resort that we used to call "South Beach".

    Don't sell the original facilities short, however. The Beachfront and Atrium Suites have been undergoing updates to their bath/shower facilities, and beginning next week, the Palms will be rebuilt.

    The upshot is that Couples is truly committed to this resort, which was Mr. Issa's own little fifedom well before he acquired the rest of the Couples empire. Originally built in the early 1990's, we've enjoyed going there since 1995 and wouldn't consider going anyplace else.

    I hope that offers some information...

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    I don't think it is a "verses" thing. Simply a matter of preference. Old and new, or newer, is probably more accurate. North side is indeed the "older" section, which is not to say it is any less enjoyable. Many prefer the more mature trees and lush gardens of the older area, some enjoy the mini bars and TV's provided in the newer section. Having explored rooms and grounds of both sections over the years, I can testify that the entire resort is absolutely wonderful. Pick your price range and preferred amenities, book and GO! You will be happy on either side of the line. Besides, they both share the same beach. And I love the beach!

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