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  1. Default Name our restaurant and WIN 7 FREE NIGHTS

    Greetings to all:

    Yesterday we launched a new contest on Facebook for Couples Barbados. We want to involve our loyal guests in helping us name one of our restaurants.

    IF you have a FACEBOOK account go to:

    IF you do not have a FACEBOOK account then go to: Name the Restaurant

    Be sure to read about the new restaurant concept BEFORE submitting your name.

    GOOD LUCK! We look forward to "liming" with you in Barbados.
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    Couples Resorts

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    According to the rules, it's one entry per contestant. So is that one per person or one per couple?

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    I entered on Facebook-Good luck to everyone!! I had my fingers crossed!!!

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    Default Question

    Once I enter a name, can I come here and explain the reason for the name? I have an idea for a name that may not make sense at first.

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    And on the facebook page for entry it's a little confusing. Are you suppose to enter on that first page where they have the entry info, or do you need to agree to the contest rules and then enter from the contest rules page? There are 2 entry pages but one as the contest rule agreement and one does not.

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    I just went to the direct URL for the restaurant. (the one that says if you do not have a facebook account). I do, but I didn't want to enter from FB.

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    Limit one vote per IP address.

    Couples Resorts

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    Just entered our name for the restaurant. Good luck to all.

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    I wonder what they would do if two or three people come up with same name?

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    I was one of the over zealous contestants who submitted more than one entry before the rules changed the next day...then the instructions were to private message the entry you want kept, but nobody confirmed receipt of my entry :-(
    Could you help me?

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    Can people from the UK enter the competition? I am unable to see the details, as the link to the .com website does not work for me (redirected to homepage of site) Would love to read about the new concept even if I can't enter. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by joobeloo View Post
    Can people from the UK enter the competition? I am unable to see the details, as the link to the .com website does not work for me (redirected to homepage of site) Would love to read about the new concept even if I can't enter. Thanks!
    So why cant we in the UK enter? I was awake all night (OK perhaps a slight exaggeration!) thinking up a great name only to find I cant enter.

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    If entering via Facebook, I take it then that it doesn't matter if you enter on that very first page that comes up, or enter after you've checked the "Agree to Contest Rules" section under the Contest Rules button? That entry via either page is okay?

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    If a name suggestion wins and the person to first suggest it is deemed the winner of the contest did everyone who submitted multiple names the first day before the limits were explained lose their place in line? Even if they resubmitted their first choice directly as requested it was usually a few days later as the rules changed after the first day. Can their place in line be reinstated?

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    Well, my wife and I each submitted our own name suggestions. Not sure if that is kosher with the rules or not, but we are ok with them using one of them anyway.

    Too many rules in life to let them get in the way of a good idea.
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    I came up with a winner (maybe) Good luck everyone!

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    Ah, finally found a description of the contest & restaurant info (really not sure why it couldn't be shared with us none-US folks)

    Currently named Enid's, the restaurant is one of three at the new Couples Barbados Resort. It offers classic Bajan/Caribbean cuisine for dinner and serves as a veggie bar during the day in a fun and festive atmosphere. Popular dishes include island spiced fish cakes, brown sugar and tamarind glazed beef striploin, and pineapple rum flambé for dessert.

    Couples Resorts encourages couples to ignite their creative juices for a new restaurant name. The contest winner will enjoy an unparalleled romantic experience at the new boutique-style hotel Couples Barbados on the vibrant South Coast of Barbados.

    Participants can submit their restaurant name ideas on the Couples Resorts Facebook page at Non-Facebook users can also submit their ideas at Name the Restaurant. Submissions will be accepted throughout the month of May 2013. The winner will be announced on June 7, 2013 on the Couples Resorts Facebook page.

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    I entered. pretty sure I got this.

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    Mine is a lock to win!

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    Default winner winner chicken dinner

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodbridgeata View Post
    Mine is a lock to win!
    Sorry we both can't win my friend.....its is my entry which is the lock to win!

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    To ease the tension I will volunteer my entry to win

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    Perhaps you need to impose a deadline for entries? Or do you keep the contest open until a winning name is found?


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    I WIN!

    Life is good

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    Done it! Can't wait to hear the result

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    Just entered a really good name but curious to see if anyone else may have already submitted the same name. I think we should continue this after the winning name is chosen by having everyone post what they submitted and why they chose that name. Might be fun seeing the other entries!

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