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    Default Customs and Declaring

    It's been 5 years since we flew to Mexico and had to go through this, so I need a refresher course.

    When we are leaving Jamaica and let's say we bought some jewelry, rum, do you tell the folks at the airport (fill out a form to decare) before boarding the plane? OR- do you fill it out while in flight entering back into USA? I mean, if I have 6 bottles of rum, Jamaica let's me leave with it but USA will confiscate the over-the-limit amount right?

    Also we have a connecting flight. We fly into Atlanta, so that will be our first point of entry and I am assuming, this is where we do the declare stuff with the form, correct? I'm a bit worried about getting through customs as we only have an hour and half to board our flight and get through customs. Travel agent said no worries...we wouldn't book you like that if we felt there wasn't enough time.

    When we flew to Mexico it was a straight shot and only reason we are doing a connection is because husband has bad back and needs to be able to get out and stretch before next flight.

    Anyone been through Atlanta and have a short turn around time to next USA destination for home?

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    You will get a US Customs and Immigration form on-board the return flight. Some airlines give them out in the boarding area, which is a great idea. The trinkets and artwork you buy is going to be well below the allowable limit, so there's no need to declare it.

    As far as the rum goes... The technical rules are 2 liters of 200 proof liquor per person. Most bottles of rum are 0.75 liter and only 80 proof, so you can take a full 4 or 5 of those bottles per person and not be 'over' the limit. If you ARE over, you aren't in trouble or anything. They could just charge you a duty (which would be practically nothing on a few bottles of rum).

    I have NEVER seen anyone forced to pay duty on excess rum.

    90 minutes in Atlanta is pushing it, especially during hurricane season. It can be done, but you're better off with at least 2 hours. And remember, if you buy the rum in the airport in Mobay and carry it onto the plane, you're going to have to put into checked luggage to board the next leg of your trip home.
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    The people at the Jamaica airport don't care, but you still have to go through TSA so the 3oz rule applies. On your first flight fill out the form and on your first stop is when you go through customs. There is no over the limit amount you just have to pay the taxes. Unless you try and bring back what looks like enough stuff for re-sale then you need a lisence. You will also have to through TSA again so if you bought things at MBJ you will need to pack them in your checked bag, 3oz rule again.

    How long it takes to get through customs all depends on how many people are going through the same time as you, some time its quick some times not so much.

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    Ok, was wondering if I buy trinkets, like Jewelry, if I should put that on the form or just wear it. Got it on the Rum and also 3oz rule. I checked our itinerary and we actually have 1 hour 45min to catch our flight.

    So when we disembark from our plane in USA, we got get our luggage and then go through customs so they can check through our bags, etc? Then once through that, we head to our next flight, do I have that right?

    We are flying Delta, hoping customs is near Delta gates otherwise we will be running through the airport. Need to get a map of Atlanta airport I guess to make sure we know where we are going....

    I just checked hurricane season time-frames. It says June 1 to Nov 30th. We are flying in to Atlanta mid-December, so hopefully we dodge that bullet.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to explain it all

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    First you go through immigration, then get your bag, go through customs, tsa, re check bag, head to gate. We haven't flown out of Atlanta, but at other Airports everything was right there. We didn't have to back to where you enter airport;they had a place for everything right there. I m guess Atlanta will be the same.
    Don't worry about hurricanes/weather, we always go in the summer and never had an issue. Met a couple who were there durning a hurricane and they said it really ownly effected 1 days of their trip.

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    thank you

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    FYI - The bottles of rum are typically 1 litre in Jamaica not 750ML. You can bring up to two litres of alcohol per person (rum cream excluded due to low proof) but at least one must be or Caribbean basin origin. One year I got a bottle of Ketel One in addition to one bottle of Appleton 12 year old.

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