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    Hi Everyone!!
    I am getting married at CSA August 24 this year. Any pointers or advice for my fiance and I?? We are doing the tropical wedding on the beach at 11am and staying in the Premier BeachFront Suite.

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    First...congratulations to you both! We were married this year on 4/20 at CSA. Our ceremony was on the beach at 10:00 a.m. The morning time of your wedding is possibly the only thing that will prevent your being rained out (or IN, as the case may be ). April isn't hurricane season (August is), but it was unusually rainy this year. I think everyone's weddings from after lunch on on 4/20 were brought indoors due to rain (there were 5 weddings that day).

    SERIOUS ADVICE: It's going to be screaming HOT! My poor guy was melting; I was, too, as I wore my hair down. If you have long hair, I'd suggest wearing it up. Most beach weddings do NOT involve the guys in jacket and tie. I'd think about revising plans if your wedding is jacket-wearing.

    I had always wondered how intimate the wedding could be, with dozens of "gawkers". The beach security guys keep people from walking behind you during the entire ceremony. Happy to report that in that magical moment, your world becomes a bit of a bubble, and everyone else seems to disappear!

    Have them walk you through the gardens for photos.

    Enjoy your day!! If it's your first stay, you'll be back! Good choice of rooms, also.

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