Randymon -

There is an ongoing thread in the Au Naturel section, discussing a new hot tub at SSB, changes to the pool, etc. Some people are posting what they've "heard", and as with many things on the MB, it's hard to know what to believe until it's from someone official (you!).

Can you please shed some light on what is rumor and/or speculation and what is really going on? Maybe some idea of timing if changes are really being made?


Here is an example of what's being said:


What we have heard....

The Couples Resorts higher ups are just now realizing that there is a HUGE market of AN travellers currently looking for an upscale resort in Jamaica with good Au-natural facilities. Their current plans are to build a larger in ground hot tub, remove the cave/waterfall and make the entire pool one depth thus more than doubling the useable size and creating a nice area for pool volleyball, expanding the food offerings on the A/N side, and putting in a breaker to prevent beach erosion from the river thus enabling sand to fill back in to the water area just off of the A/N beach creating a very nice wading and floating ocean area. "