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    Default 1st timers wedding in February at Couple San Souci

    This will be our first time at an all inclusive resort for our Weddingmoon. Anything we should know.

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    Congrats, Jamaica is glorious in Feb. We got married at csa and had the time of our lives. We also visited css and thought if we ever did it over css would be the place. We had a private dinner in the wedding gazebo overlooking the sea. I might choose that spot for a vow renewal, just gorgeous and very private. It's a very pretty resort so you'll have great pictures! Have a great trip!

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    Congrats on your upcoming weddingmoon. We were married at CSS and know it is a very special place to "tie the knot". Be prepared to have the time of your life!! The wedding coordinator will walk you thru the planning so you can have a blessed wedding day. Enjoy and explore the resort. There are lots of little places to get away and feel as if you're the only 2 on the resort but still be close enough to find what you need. The resort and staff are wonderful and will keep you wanting to return again and again!!

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    I totally agree with Softail! We were married on the beach at CSA in 2006. In 2011 we went to CSS and if we ever do a vow renewal we are certainly doing it there in the gazebo over the water=VERY ROMANTIC!!! Some of my suggestions would be to check out Trip Advisor JA forums as they are also a great place for info on all things Couples and with instant answers usually. Try all the soups, you will be surprised at how yummy hot soup is at Couples--even in the JA heat. Don't miss the Gala night or the beach night dinners as both were very good and the Silverbirds were excellent as well as the other entertainment. Last but not least (this goes for everybody at any Couples) if you are getting a couples massage or one for yourself, do not wait and get it ASAP. If you wait you are more likely to get a bad sunburn and not enjoy it. I recently wrote about this in my long over due review of CSS (I go by another name on TA of Scarlettoscara so feel free to look for it) from 2011. Was going to get a massage and waited and got sunburned and had to settle with a foot massage instead. Next time we are getting them in the area right over the water and not missing out on this romantic treat. So trust me and get them ASAP for the most enjoyment Have a super time and come back and let us all hear about it, Couples brides love talking about all things Couples, lol even years later!!!

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    We just returned from renewing our vows at CSS. This is a beautiful resort and your wedding photos will be absolutely gorgeous! I recommend making a custom wedding music CD to play during the ceremony and reception before you go. They will provide music if you don't have your own but for me it was important to have music that was personally meaningful for me and my husband.

    Also, I recommend having your ceremony in the wedding gazebo. You can have it on the beach or in many other locations throughout the resort, but we had our ceremony in the wedding gazebo and it was lovely. Also, plan on spending a little bit more than you think you will for photos. We had planned on going with the smaller package but ended up with the 40 photos on a CD for $600 and it was well worth it!

    Lastly, Creshina, the wedding coordinator at CSS, is a wonderfully organized woman who will put your mind at ease from the moment that you first meet her. She will help you get dressed (if you need her) and she'll basically make sure that everything goes smoothly on your big day. On the day of our vow renewal we received some rain but Creshina called me a couple of times before the ceremony to reassure me that she had everything covered and to let me know what the alternate location would be for our reception if the rain continued (it did, but the alternate location for our reception was absolutely lovely).

    Congratulations! Couples Sans Souci is a wonderful place to have a wedding (or vow renewal) ceremony.

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