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    Default Randymon....flying standby question

    My hubby works for an airline and we are flying free. I want to do the online check in, but since we fly stand by, we are never 100% sure what flight we will be on. We know the airline, of course. On the way down, we know the airport we are leaving from, but on the way home, we may have to fly into a different US city.

    So, for online check in, should I just put the earliest possible flight we will be arriving on and leaving on?

    If we do that, should I call or email someone if we don't make it on that first flight and we will be arriving later? I don't want anyone wondering where we are if we don't arrive at MBJ on the flight we wrote down.
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    As long as you arrive on the schedule day, we will transfer you to the resort. No Problem, Mon.

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    Thanks for the fast reply! We leave in 7 days, so I need to do to online check in ASAP.
    CSA - May 2012
    CN - May 2013
    CSS - October 2013

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