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    Is it true that you have to pre-register a week before you arrive at CTI to be able to do trading places to CSS? I wanted to be able to see CSS during my upcoming stay coming up on 5/15/13. Just wondering if anyone on the forum knows how to go about doing this.

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    When Trading Places, it states from 10am-4pm. Do you have to stay the entire time or can you request to be returned to your resort earlier?

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    You need to sign up for the Couples Rewards program before you go. But once you get there, you can book the trading places. But you have to be a Couples Rewards member to do so.
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    You have to be a romance rewards member. Just go to the desk and out your name on the list.

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    We didn't. I was just at CTI the end of April. We did the pre-check in online a couple days before our arrival (takes 2 minutes, and you get to pick out what you want your minibar stocked with!). When we got there, actually a couple days after we got there, we signed up to go for the next day. No big deal at all. Have fun!

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    Just to add, its limited to 10 couples I think, Mondays,Wednesday,Fridays from 10-4pm. If you want to leave before 4pm, you can get a cab at your own expense. Tip the driver of course.

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