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    shandi Guest

    Default Romance from an IPHONE app? Hmmmmm..

    I was hit with a blog about this Iphone application called Girlfriend Keeper, developed by a guy who of course lost sight of the need to communicate romantically to his significant other. Now I'm not saying all the guys should buy this techno tool, but it might help some of you, and it definitely gave me a chuckle. By the way, I do have an Iphone, but I haven't purchased this application.....yet.

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    That's hilarious.

    Of course, this would take away the fun of stammering "it's the 13th...wait...11th..." when talking about our anniversary on the 12th.

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    Hilarious, but they need to add an additional feature: "Call Her". Electronic communication can become rather cold and impersonal if it is the most common form of communication used. I think this app, in its current form, may end up ruining some relationships if it is "abused".

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    I love it. My spouse and I frequently communicate via text messages and emails, since we don't always see either other during the day, and darn it... we miss one another. Even after 12 years.

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    I'm afraid that "Tool" would indeed be the operative word if one were to rely on this bit of software to track their relationship status. Maybe an entertaining toy, but that's about it.

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