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    Has anyone been to Barbados yet? My husband & I are going in December & we're wondering what the beach is like. I've heard that it can be pretty rough. Is it usually too rough to swim? What about rip currents/undertows? Do we need to wear some sort of water shoe, or is it safe to go barefoot? Any other info about traveling there, tips, thoughts, or the resort would be great too. We're just hoping to get some others' 1st hand experiences, thanks!

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    We always wear water shoes no matter where we are. We will be in Barbados in a few weeks and will update after our trip
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    I've been to the resort next door. It is safe to go in without water shoes. When we went (November), the water was very rough with an undertoe. You could go in and body surf/boogie board; but not really "swim"

    It is not always like that though. It's sort of the luck of the draw. When we were there, it was red flags every day. My parents have been there when it was much calmer.

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    Also from MN (Kasson) and going to Barbados in December (7th - 14th) with friends from Rochester.

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