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    Default Things I love about CSS

    The staff
    SSB and the friendly people there
    The great food and the quality drinks
    Spending time with Cracker the parrot
    The turtles and fish and waterfowl in the pond
    Elegant dining at Cassonova
    Dinner on the beach at Bella Vista
    Drinks at the beach bar and Balloon Bar
    Volleyball in the pool at SSB
    The beach party
    The Gala
    Lobster night
    The martini bar
    The wine tasting
    The great views and sunsets
    Spending quality time with my wife Sue, oops should have been first
    No phone calls or hassles, just relaxing
    The massages
    Hanging with my old and new friends each trip
    The beautiful grounds and hidden places and the pathways and stairs
    The insects and frogs singing at night
    Drinks on my balcony with the girl I love and married, in just a robe, or birthday suit
    Snorkeling by the main beach reef and cliffs
    Snorkeling by SSB
    The hermit crabs, and sea urchins, both tiny on land and big in the water, and starfish
    The stars at night
    The hot tubs at night, again with Sue
    Lunch at the beach bar
    The roaming chickens
    Finding a conch shell while snorkeling
    Walking the grounds in the early morning and watching day break
    The birds that flock to the trees in the evening and to parts unknown at day break
    In general, I love it all and it is never a long enough stay
    Anyone have more to share?

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    Yes, getting away from winter which seems to have started in Central Ontario
    as of yesterday.
    We fly out of Toronto on Sunday and can't wait for our first trip to San Souci
    which will be our 8th to a Couples resort

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    The things we love about Sans Souci are the laid back vibe and the beautiful grounds. The resort is almost like 3 resorts in 1 because you can hang at the main beach or the nude beach. You can also go to the mineral pool area with the small original beach form the early days of the resort. There is good snorkeling in that area and don't forget the mineral grotto to cool off. I am starting to ramble now. There are so many places to go you can always find a place to be alone with the one you love. I can't forget the wonderful staff , they are the best.

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