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    Hello Everyone,

    My husband and I were married on 1/5/2013 at CSA and it was an incredible experience. I just wanted to post a thread to mention how incredible the private reception on the beach was because I didn't find a lot of info on them when I was doing my research! We had the most amazing food, cake, bar, and DJ for our reception. Everyone involved in our wedding worked so hard to set up everything and made the experience incredible!! Well worth the additional costs! Additionally, we hired Diana Campbell from Digital Memories Collection for our photos and they turned out amazing. Her and her team were with us starting at 10:00am until 9:00pm. We received 700 photos on a disc and a full edited wedding video (90 minutes) just three days after the wedding! We highly recommend her services, especially since they were much cheaper than the resorts! Here is her website if you are interested.

    Wedding photographers in Jamaica , Jamaica Wedding Photography

    Special shout outs to:
    and everyone else involved in our wedding for making the entire trip so memorable and special!!

    Stephanie & Jason

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    Hi there. Thank you for your post! I am planning my wedding for either CN or CSA this November. I am expecting 30-40 guests and I want a private reception. Did you go with one of the packages or did you customize each table with flower arrangements etc? Was your dinner a buffet? What day did you have your wedding? Do you think it matters? Please help! Thanks!

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    We customized everything! I think that was way cheaper in the end. Plus our flowers were gorgeous compared to what the packages showed. The dinner was a large buffet right on the beach. You get to the choice between two menu's when you meet with the wedding planner. We did the more Jamaica style buffet which was delicious. It also included a huge dessert table that I don't think anyone touched since we were all so full. We actually had our wedding on Saturday because of our travel schedule. I don't think it matters which day at all, except there are no private receptions on Fridays at CSA due to the beach wrecked party. Hope this helps!

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    can't wait to see the pictures!! we hired Diana as well!

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    Thanks for share the link with us.

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