FYI: Atlanta now has a new International terminal. It is beautiful and high tech! Some tips: if you take a shuttle to the airport, you will probably be left off on the domestic side. Don't go in! Look for the 'Atl Airport shuttle' or if flying Delta..they have their own that will take you around the other side of the airport to International. You will be left off right in front of the ticketing area and then onto security. When we went on 5/3 there was no one in line. No lines, no tram rides (now concourse F) no waiting on anything. We didn't know all this and went through domestic and it took us 45 minutes.
Now here's the good news. Coming home, the new immigration area is so large and again, no lines. Remember how you got your luggage, switched out items from carry on to check in, gave back your luggage and then back through customs and security? Well, now if Atlanta is your home port, after immigration, you get your luggage and walk through customs, turn right and you are outside. Which means, you can now take your duty free liquor in your carry on. More Rum Cream!
MoBay has opened a very large liquor store right before you get to Air Margaritaville. You have to actually walk right through it. Their prices are great!
Just a heads up for your next trip!