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    Default Getting shells through customs

    We are at CN right now (and loving it!) We will be going back through US customs. If we purchase or find any shells or star fish, will we have any problems getting them through?

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    Only if they find them.
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    Not sure about the starfish but I have brought back many shells that I have picked up from the beaches in Negril and Ochi with no problems at security. Enjoy your vacay!
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    Technically they are not allowed. Shells are easier to bring back just make sure you rinse them out really well before oyu leave the resort. there are a ton of little critters that can travel back with you in a snail shell (isopods, amphipods, etc).

    DO NOT try to bring a star fish back. Even when you find them on the beach, they are still alive. They will not stay that way for long inside your suitcase, and they will add such a funk to your suitcase, you won't be able to wear any of your clothes again.

    but on a more realizstic side, we bring shells back every year, we've just never claimed them at customs.

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    If you find starfish, leave them be, don't take them out of the water. You can bring home shells and dried starfish without a problem. Unless you've got crates of them and no import license.
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    Please don't take a starfish, you will kill it.

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    Make sure no one is home in the home you bring home
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    As a child I used to love to collect shells from the beaches we visited. But, since DH and I became scuba divers we have a whole new respect for the creatures etc. found in and around the ocean (or lake). We only take pictures now. Ok, we do get a little carried away. Our last trip yielded over 2,400 pictures, most taken under water. I think of it this way - less to dust and no one gets hurt in the end!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark527 View Post
    Make sure no one is home in the home you bring home
    Clever! I love it.
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    The COral Reef Preservation Society states:
    Preserving the environment in Jamaica is a very important issue to all residents and visitors.
    With this in mind we would like to remind all travellers of the following:

    Lobster and Conch:

    It is illegal to eat lobsters during the mating and growth period April 1 to June 30.
    It is illegal to catch or eat Conch between July 1 and Oct. 30

    Divers and Reef Photographers:
    DO NOT allow your hands,knees,fins,tank or boat anchor to come into contact with any part of the reef.
    If you stand on,or touch the living coral,it will die!
    DO NOT litter in the sea! (or for that matter anywhere else). Your trash and debris is harmful to all marine life!
    DO NOT take or purchase starfish,conch shells,sea fans,coral or tortoise shell jewelry. Let them go on living! DO NOT molest,touch or spear any marine life. This endangers their existence and upsets the delicate balance of the reef's ecosystem. Spear fishing is destructive and prohibited!
    DO NOT cut up sea urchins for fish food. It is illegal as well as destructive. Starfish,conch and sea urchins are grazers. They eat algae from the bottom and keep the sea clean.
    Be wary when you are taking pictures in the sea. Remain conscious of what is going on around you, of where your console is and whether you are kicking up sand. Move slowly and do not rest on the coral.

    For more information on reef preservation or to make a donation contact the Coral Reef Preservation Society at: NCRPS, P.O. Box 27, Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica, W.I.
    Or Phone: (876)957-3735 Fax: (876)957-4626

    When we were leaving one year there was a couple being questioned by Jamaican authorities due to the Starfish found in their luggage. I am not sure what happened.

    The former Watersports Manager _ Bryan at CN had told us it was illegal to take the starfish off the beach and ocean.
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    I've brought shells back, no problem, but I didn't mention them either when going through customs. Like others have said, wash them out good & let them dry before putting in a ziplock bag in your luggage. One time in Florida, I picked up some beautiful shells & put them in the pocket of my shorts while we were walking the beach .... Well, there was something living in one of them & when he crawled out in my pocket, I about had a heart attack.

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    Only been once but we did bring shells found back with us, the customs official in St Louis did ask his supervisor if they were allowed, she gave him a condescending look and said yes.

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