After much research we have decided to take our honeymoon trip this December at CTI. I chose this resort over the others I have seen based on the positive reviews, but I'm still so nervous about my decision! Although I know we made the right choice going with a Couples Resort. We are in our mid-twenties and are looking for a relaxing but fun vacation.

I have a few questions:

Is the beach although small, a nice beach where you can really get the island feel? How is the sand/water? I know it's not comparable to Negril but some info would be helpful!

We don't want to "party" but would like to have activities and entertainment at night. Does CTI have enough entertainment or would you say it's boring?

How far ahead should we book the paid excursions? We are interested in the dolphin encounter and horseback riding as well as the sunset cruise to negril. Do they book fast?

Once we get there is it likely that if we book margaritaville, a couples massage, and a private dinner that all those can be accommodated? Or do those depend on availability? Have you had trouble booking a massage or excursion once you got there? Is there a way to book in advance?

We were choosing between CN and CTI. What is your experience of CTI vs. CN? Based on the activities we want to do, do you think CTI is a good choice for us?

This is our first vacation in a long time. First time out of the country in awhile. Sorry for all the questions!! Need to take it easy mon'? I however will appreciate all the responses.