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Before you go SLAMMING ME remember that THIS IS JUST MY OPPNION... Im entitled to it just as you are to YOURS

Arrived at CTI On a saturday afternoon the 18th of may around 4:00 Room was not ready so we were told to go to the snack bar and come back in 20 min. (STRIKE ONE ) I asked where is the snack bar ? And was told go to the right and keep walking you cant miss it.... OK Walk around for a bit found snack bar and had a sandwich and took in the view VERY NICE and just relaxed for about 30 min then went back to the desk and stood around for a few min while the next batch of guests got their rooms then we were taken to ours by Byron I think? Nice guy one of the FEW friendly staff there mind you. went to the orentation at 5 with Miguel. Another nice guy very funny! Aside from that all in all it was not for me!!!! I was not impressed with EVERYONE wanting a hand out!!! To me all the other guests with the exception of a few were very stand off-ish. Staff was not very friendly Drinks were very VERY Weak and watered down Food was good Bay side the best The chef even came out before hand and spoke with us at length untill our food came. dunns river was a L O N G wait untill we had a big enough group to go up the falls Stood around for an hour just waiting. Went snorkeling twice it was cool the life vest were in VERY VERY bad shape as in falling apart and ripped to the point the inside material was coming out. Yeah that makes you feel safe!!! Again this is just MY OPPNION... MY Thoughts... MY EXPEREINCE... I guess I am just a good old American Lover. Having traveled the world with the U.S. ARMY I find the states as my cup of tea. My wife Loved it but again just not for me. To me it came off as a country that has alot of people mad because we go there to relax and vacation when they have it rough.
Did you spend your vacation at TI with the same chip on your shoulder / attitude that you wrote this with? If you did then I think I know how to take your review. In our trips to Couples (been to 3/4 in Jamaica, so far) always had a great time, with great staff. Never saw anyone mad because we were there to relax. I appreciate reviews that are honest and accurate. Yours does not seem to have much of either. To preface your review with...Before you go SLAMMING ME remember that THIS IS JUST MY OPPNION... Im entitled to it just as you are to YOURS....was a dead giveaway for what was to come.