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    We go to our room, put on our swimsuits, pour a drink at the mini-bar, sit on the balcony, and CHILL OUT. The biggest mistake people make, because their sooo wound up, is getting to the resort and running all over the place trying to get things done. All this does is delay your relaxation. I know people make a big deal about orientations and reservations and such. We have never done an orientation, and we have never made a dinner reservation the day we arrived, and have been just fine. It's all about attitude and state of mind.

    Between the MB and all of the excitement of getting to the Caribbean, Jamaica, and ultimately the resort, people are usually super amped by the time they arrive. Nothing will make your vacation more enjoyable than relaxing as quickly as possible; mind, body, and spirit.
    "Brutalize me with music..."

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    Find all of our staff family and give big hugs!!!!!

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    Get checked in, make dinner reservations, head to the room to change then head for lunch and drinks. Catch up with feinds who may be there already. If we have time book ourselves into the dive shop and arrange a massage at the spa. It may seem like a lot but we are already relxed before we get there and travelling is less stressful then our working day.

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    As soon as we got off the bus: we dropped our bags off, changed clothes and went to the bar to get a bob marley shot and then a dirty banana.

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    Bob Marley shots and then see where it goes from there. Ya Mon!!!!

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    Another thing is to find Elvis on the beach or if it is late afternoon and he is gone then look for Spyder at the shop next to Cabana Grill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    At my favorite resort I jump off the bus as soon as I can and head to the railing in the lobby to look at the pool with Bloody Bay in the background. THEN I KNOW I am home.
    Oh yes... The Railing at CN............. :-)

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    I met some people where I work that suggested getting the massage as early as possible. Says that they were able to unwind after that and get in the Jamaica state of mind. 5 1/2 weeks until our first visit to a couples resort (CSS)! I'm thinking we will schedule our honeymoon massage for first available slot right after we check in then head to the swim up bar to meet our new CSS brothers and sisters.

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    I leave my husband to check in, walk down to the swim up bar and order our first set of Hummingbirds!

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    Go to the bathroom. Too many Red Stripes on the way from the airport.

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    Our first & only visit in Nov 2011, we settled our things into our room first. I took a minute or two just to look out at the breathtaking view and got a little choked up that it was so beautiful & we were finally there! Then it was swimsuits, drinks & food.

    Next visit isn't until Oct 2014 (Dang kids bullied us into Disney this year, but it was fun), but I'll probably spend most of that day trying to wipe the stupid "We're FINALLY back!" grin off my face, lol...

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