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    Default New CSA photos (9/12-9/19/09)

    We got back last Saturday from a week at Couples Swept Away, and it was a blast!

    Eventually, I'll get around to writing a review (once the real world stops interfering!), but I did manage to set up an album in Photobucket with a mess of pictures:

    I still need to tag things and clean up some descriptions, but I hope ya'll enjoy the pix for now!

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    Wow, those are great pictures and looks like you and Carol had a great time!

    It looks like you did the Black River, YS Falls, Appleton Rum tour combo trip? Can you tell me how long it took you to get to the first destination and how long was the entire tour from leaving CSA to returning?
    It looks beautiful.
    Thanks and we will be there in 43 days
    apprentice and toolman

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    I looked at every one of your pics. They were just what I needed to help me feel more at home. I still have 199 days left until we arrive. Thanks so much for sharing, I felt like I was there with you. I cant wait for the review.

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    Yes, we did the three-fer combo tour. We left about 8am, got back about 5pm (although I heard stories at the bar of some returning about 4pm, when it's "supposed" to return, and one as late as 7:30pm!) It was about two hours getting out to the Black River, and about two hours getting back (albeit in quite a storm - didn't seem to slow the driver down much).

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    I loved your pictures! I will be at CSA in 16 days for my honeymoon and I can't hardly think straight! Your pictures just remind me what I have to look forward to!

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    Awesome pic's.

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    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. Of course it made us more homesick than ever!

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    Fabulous pics!! Brought back so many memories. Had some wonderful times at CSA, trying CSS this time but know I'm going to miss that beautiful beach. Remember the first time I saw it many years ago. Paradise.

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    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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    Wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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    Default wishing we were there

    will be there the end of feb 2010. can hardly wait after seeing the pics.when there are crowds at my job i will always have this in the back of my head. the day will definetely go alot faster.

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    Thank you for the opportunity to view your pictures! They're great! 63 sleeps until we return home!!! razzl

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    Loved your pictures...I had to send the link to my husband who is stuck on call at the hospital all weekend so he can pretend he's already there... 239 days to go!

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    Your photos are absolutely amazing! I especially love the ones at sunset b/c my ceremony will be at sunset! We leave in less than 48 hours and I can't seem to pull myself away from this message board and finish packing!!!


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    Great pics...Thank you so much for sharing. I am counting the days till hubby and I are in CSA for our 15 year anniversary. First Timers to Couples and we are soooo excited!!! I have a question about one of your photos. There is a pic of someone horseback riding on the that at CSA? I thought I understood that was not offered at that resort. If so I would like to inquire. Let me know

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    Yes, the horses did ride through at CSA; but it's not something the resort offers. I'm sure it was a private vendor (and probably not even anyone at CSA) just passing through the beach area from point A to B. If you're interested, I'm sure the tour desk could hook you up with someone for horseback riding for a fee.

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    These are great pics. Thanks so much for sharing. We will be at CSA the middle of December. Now I really can't wait. Happy anniversary and thanks again.

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