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    Default Planning our return trip!!

    Picking where to go on our return visit to Couples is as hard as picking the first time. May 2012 we were at Swept Away and had an amazing time!! Trying to decide where and when we are coming back in 2013 and 2014. Had such a great time at SA we can't see us coming all that way and not going there.

    Couple of questions......we stayed in the Garden Atrium rooms last time. Very happy. Is it really worth the price to upgrade to beach?

    Are the diamonds they sell when the nice jewelry guy comes "blue diamonds". Does he take credit cards?

    My husband is going to do the resort scuba while we are there. Any suggestions or comments on it?

    Should we consider a different resort or stay where we know and like? And maybe do the trade days and see Negril?

    Read on a post that someone used the laundry service. What did it cost?

    Thank you.....input appreciated!!!

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    <eyebrows raised> Ohhh, someone say diamonds? I am very curious about this. I thought I read somewhere here that laundry was like 80.00 for unlimited laundry service.

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