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    Default 1st time visitor to CSA

    My wife and I will be vacationing at CSA mid Aug. I have a few questions if any of you can assist in making this trip a blast as this is our first AI trip.

    1. What type of room do you recommend, Atrium or Ocean View Verandah? Leaning towards the Atrium as the lack of a TV isn't that huge of a deal.

    2. Anything we "Must" pack or will regret?

    3. Do you recommend travel insurance?

    4. Will it be busy during the mid to end of Aug?

    I have 50 questions but don't want to turn this into a school project. As such, any advice/information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I truly want to make this "surprise" trip a memorable one for my wife. And I look forward to meeting any of you that may be there during that time.


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    You won't regret booking CSA one bit! I can't speak to the rooms you have mentioned, my hubby and I stayed in the beachfront verandah suite our first trip and have booked that again for our second visit, so I will let someone else chime in here.

    As far as things you "must" pack, our next trip must haves will include bug spray (with 100% deet) for the sand fleas. They didn't bother us too much, but I did get a few bites, koozies for our beverages, LOTS of sunscreen, and a small (3 oz) bottle of woolite for our swimsuits. Because of the humidity, the suits don't dry well but the woolite sure does help them! Don't stress on what to bring - I had a huge list of things and brought back 80% of them unused.

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    1. We stayed in one of the garden verandah suites. Glad we didn't go for one of the other rooms because we were barely there. 2. Extra sunscreen! We brought two bottles and had to buy a third bottle in the gift shop. 3. We didn't have travel insurance when we went but I guess next time I would consider it...being out of the country. 4. We were there for the first time a month ago. If you have any questions I can try to help.

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    It is our first trip to CSA also and am going Aug 20-25. Can't wait. We booked a BFVS. Sounds like on here, people love the Atrium suites. I don't think you can go wrong with any of them at this point. I am sure some of the seasoned folk will weigh in. Take advantage of the searches. I have learned so much just reading... Good luck with the surprise!!

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    Rooms, are great no matter where. I like the Beach Front Verandah just because you are right on the beach. You need, plenty of sunscreen, that is the most obvious thing. I always tell people, pack your bags, then go back and take half the stuff out. You will probably be at the beach, pool, beach bar, or something like that all day so you definitely want 3 or 4 suits and a cover up. I also say though, it is your vacation, your carrying the bags, and if you feel comfortable taking a lot of stuff, DO IT, it is your vacation and you should have no worries. After the initial trip you will have a better idea the next trip, oh yea, you will return, I bet on it.

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    we tend to like the bfvs since it is steps from the beach. Our first trip was an atrium, which was awesome too. At the end of the day I would stay in a small tent on the property if they'd let me. You're at CSA and things are good no matter what. We pack too much stuff. sunscreen is required, you'll need several applications a day or you will burn up fast. (and then you're not having so much fun).
    we live on the edge and have never purchased travel insurance. If you do, check the policy carefully as some don't really cover much of anything that really could keep you from travelling. I think CSA is pretty well booked year round these days. The good news is that e resort is large enough to handle everyone.

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