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    Default CTI Friends end of April

    Me and my Wife were lucky enough to experience the life changing event that is going to CTI this last april. We can't stop thinking about it and all we want to do is go back. Everything there was amazing. The staff was beyond amazing and made the trip very special. We can't wait to go back and April seems to be a great time to meet some wonderful people. We were there from April 23rd to april 30th and it wasn't even close to long enough to enjoy all the things that CTI had to offer. We did meet some "resort friends" that were from Minnesota as we are but when we were leaving we were so heart broken to leave CTI that it didn't cross our mind to get their contact information. Does anyone remember a Liz and Pat from minnesota that was at CTI at the end of april?
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    Hey GF and I also live in Blaine and have been going to Couples since 2005, including 3 times to CTI. We haven't been back to CTI since 2010 but are hoping to make a return in 2014. Maybe we can meet up somewhere for a Red Stripe and reminisce about our great experiences. Feel free to email me if interested.

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    I guess there were a fair number of Minnesotans at CTI around that time! We too are from MN. We came towards the end of that stretch. We met a few others from MN over the week we were there. I don't recall a Liz and Pat though! But I'm also terrible with names too.

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    We are from NJ and it was the first time at TI. I understand how you fell in love with the place. the people, the resort, the weather were perfect. It changed our life so much that we booked again for the end of Aug. and I'm going to try to squeeze another trip home by the end of the year!

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    It is like a dream that you never want to wake up from. Now being back in the real world it doesn't feel like it was real. I can't believe that we were at such a beautiful place and it feels like it was in another lifetime.

    Well since no one remembers Liz or Pat Who was at CTI at the end of April from Minnesota? And Did anyone else take advantage of the late night Buddha Pool?

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