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    I told my wife that you were allowed to go topless and wear athong swimsuit bottom at CNN at the main beach but not the pools. She did not believe me. Who is right?

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    You are correct, topless is allowed on the beach but not at the main pools. Doesn't matter what type of bottoms she wears, you will see every style of bottom from modest to thong.

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    You can in fact go topless on the beach, but not the pools, and you can wear what ever type of bottoms you would like on the beach or pool. Or you can go over to the Au Naturel part of the beach and wear nothing at all.

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    I've seen over the years topless, thongs, braziallians at the beach and at the pool at CN.

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    I'm not sure what the actual rules are, but we've always seen women topless on the main part of the beach, and never at the pool.

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    You are correct.

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    You are and you can show her as it's answered in the FAQs. But keep in mind, the beach at CN has a public walkway at the water's edge, so it's up to her on her comfort level. In other words, people from other resorts, adults and children can walk the beach at the water's edge as well as the locals and vendors.

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    You are allowed to be topless at the beach and also wear a thong. You are right!

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    You are ... Topless is fine on the main beach but not at the pool. She can wear a thong swimsuit at the pool, also, as long as she has her top on.

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    You are.

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    If by 'CNN' you mean Cable News Network then she is right. If you mean Couples Negril then you are.

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    You can go topless on the main beach but not the pool! I hate to say it but your right lol.

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    You are!

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    is allowed in designated beach areas: Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.
    Couples Negril: Main beach.
    Couples Swept Away: Main beach.
    Couples Sans Souci: Main beach.

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    U r

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    You are right. Topless at the beach only, or you can go full nude in the AN beach. As for the thongs I 'think' you can were them at both the main beach and the pool.

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    You can wear any type of bathing suit that you desire.

    You can go topless on the main beach at CN, I have seen topless at the main pool also

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    You are right !!!

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