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Thread: Where are you?

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    Brian and Julie...we're in Peoria, AZ...waiting on July 2014 for our first trip to Jamaica/Couples/CSS. Ridiculously excited!
    Brian & Julie

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    Graham and Sue...... Braceville , Illinois.... 3rd time to CN in October .......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet6165 View Post
    My husband and I are from Ohio, and getting ready to head down to CN in 2 days. We were just wondering where everyone else who loves Couples as much as us are from.

    Nathan and Veronica
    Vern and I are from Cincinnati, Ohio. We'll be at CN June 30-July 7, Dec. 13-23, 2013 and we're booked for Dec. 2014; we're hooked!!

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    Newton le Willows uk were its raining......roll on 26th sept !!!!

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    Gary & Sonya from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada... Heading to CSS on Feb 8, 2014... such a long wait ahead!!

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    Madison, WI here. 2nd trip to CTI Jan 2-9. Wish we were there already!

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    Shannon & Jon Boston Ma, heading to couples Negril for our wedding Moon April 2014!

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    Art & Pat,Evergreen,Co. 8th time to CSA this Dec. cant wait.Never thought I'd look forward to winter .

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    My and I are from Dallas,Texas. CN July 1-5!

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    David and Laura from Kiowa, CO (close, but not IN the evacuation area of the Black Forest Fire). Prayers to all those affected.
    Trip #4 at CSA July 2nd.

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    Wendy and I are from Virginia Beach VA, have been to CSA three times and headed to CB in October

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    I lived in Bartlett in the late 90's. I was the opening proprietor of the Outback Steakhouse in Germantown

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    Brandon & Stephanie - Odessa, TX First timers headed to CN April 19-26

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    Des Moines, Iowa. Headed home to CN Nov. 30-Dec. 7 for our 5th trip in a row.

    Soon come!

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    Brandon & Missy - Atlanta, Ga.
    1st timers getting married in CN July 27th!

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    love hearing where everyone is from!

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    David and Aurora, Madison, AL. 2nd time to CSA. Oct 9-16, 2014.

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    Quad Cities, IL 1st trip to CTI OCT 24-29.

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    John & Ginny....Campton, New Hampshire......1st timers having our weddingmoon Nov 2014

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    Jon&Robin from upstate NY. Trip 3 to CSS in April.

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    High point, NC.... We have been going to JA since 2000, way back when CSS was part of Superclubs, then on it's own and now CSS, have also been to all the Other Coupes Resorts, about 15 trips thus far and counting!!!!

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    Susan & Wayne. CSA 2012, 2013, 94 day till 2014 trip, 458 days till 2015 trip, and 822 days till 2016 trip. Want to try CTI or CSS somewhere in there too.

    Ya Mon
    CSA 2012, 2013

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    C & C from dark and dreary Erie pa. Headed back home aka css Sept 19th for our 10th journey to the wonderful island that keeps us sane the rest of the year. We love our couples!!!!!!

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    Gee, I can't believe I never put ours down. Linda and Tom (Rooster) from Loyal, WI, a small (less than 2000 people) town in Central Wisconsin. We've been to CSS 5 times, but haven't been back since December 2012 due to Rooster's health. Hope to be back again soon.

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    I'll jump in, too. AJ and Caitlin, currently out of NEPA. Five Couples trips in the books (CTI, CSS x2, CSA, CN) starting back in 2007.

    Hoping for #6 in 2015!

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