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    Default First timers in Negril

    Any tips for us first timers? We are going in July for our one yr wedding anniversary, booked the beachfront suite and club mobay arrival only. Any other things we should do or make sure not to miss while we are there?

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    The Appleton Rum tour is very good. The glass bottom boat & catamaran rides are good.

    Duane & Mary

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    Mayfield Falls is a fun trip. Takes up about 2/3 of a day but it is beautiful both the drive and the falls...

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    Hold hands, take a leisurely stroll along the beach enjoying the beauty of the area and each other. Relax and let the tropical sun work it's magic on making those minor aches and pains go away. Slow down look around to see the hidden beauty of the resort that a fast pace will not allow you to enjoy. Smile often at each other as well as to the other guests and employees, those smiles may make memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy your time together and laugh a lot. Laughter is truly the best medicine there is, and it's free. But most of all enjoy each other and make the most of the moment each and every moment. All is good mon and in just a long 6 days and 3 hours myself and my wife will be there doing all of the above and more in celebration of 42 years of marriage.

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    You didn't say whether you were going to CN or CSA. If you are going to CN, I recommend trying the A/N beach. It's lovely, and sunbathing nude is an experience you might really enjoy.

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    If you are going to be there at least a week maybe check out Rick's Cafe, great sunset party and cliff divers.

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    If you have the time, or are inclined to do so, you might try a trip to Mayfield Falls or YSFalls, as Bearso notes. I'd also recommend that you steel your resolve (to reject all the vendors) and walk the beach toward Negril, assuming that you're staying at SweptAway.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    My advice: Don't over schedule yourself for excursions and activities.
    Every year we go, we make plans to do this, and that, with this reservation for this time on that night, and by the time it rolls around we're too busy having a good time with new friends, the beach, or the pool to be bothered wanting to go. We always look at each other and play rock paper scissors to see if we're keeping our dinner reservation.

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    We are staying at couples Negril not Swept away. All of these sound great!!! We are so looking forward to it, now if that clock would just speed up a bit!!! lol

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    the main thing is do what you want! There's always plenty going on that you can do, but sometimes just sitting in a chair watching the waves roll in is the best

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