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    Default Which Couples resort is your favorite?

    Hi! We are planning our first Couples resort vacation for a long weekend in June. I hope to book it in the next few days. We are wanting the AN experience, having enjoyed CI beaches for years. I was about to book TI and then read a few postings about the other Jamaica resorts... and... HELP! Sending out a request for which resort is your favorite for a short visit. I'm sure we will be back for a longer trip very soon!

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    We are at CSS, love SSB (the a/n beach). It's separated from the rest of resort, but not to the point you need a boat to get there. I'd recommend the A or B blocks for SSB, they are the closest. We are in G block, the furthest point away from SSB, it leaves for a lot of walking (but it helps work off all the liquor and food)
    CSS 5/21-5/31/13
    CSS 4/12-4/24/15

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    We've been to CN, CSA, and recently CTI. Since CSA doesn't have an AN area and based on your name, I would HIGHLY recommend CN. The AN beach is absolutely beautiful at CN

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    For AN you can't beat CSS... CN is a close second with CTI coming in third on our list.

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    Thanks all! Unfortunately with the delay on postings being visible I am just reading your helpful comments. We have booked at CTI for a short visit and will plan to visit CSS & CN on future visits. We are newbies in the all-inclusive vacation market but have traveled to the Caribbean for years and enjoyed the few AN beaches on the east coast of FL and MD for short trips. I think it will be GREAT!

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