Just got back from our first (but not last) time at CSA! It was awesome. Most everyone on the staff was great. I want to give a shout out to Wayne one of the security guards. We spent some time on the beach at night and talked with him. Wonderfull guy so if anyone gets a chance to talk with him you should. Antony(sp) the dive instructor was great. Very helpful. My suggestions to anyone who hasnt been there before and has family back home, is to make sure you home phones can receive calls from outside of the USA. We have magic jack for our home phone and it would not make or receive foreign numbers. I bought the phone card from the resort but it didnt matter. Also make sure you check with your cell phone provider on the cost of outside the USA for calls, txt and data usage. The wifi on the resort is very spotty so the only way I was able to check in with my kids was when I was at the internet cafe. That was quite frustrating. When you get there and they tell you that you need to book things to do a day in advance, they werent kidding. If you want to do scuba, snorkeling or the cataman cruise, get up early, and go book it. Things fill up VERY quickly. Like scuba, they open at 8am so get there at 7:45 because there will be a line. Also for the food, it was good but if you arent very adventurous with trying new things then you are kinda limited on what to eat. The good thing about trying new food at a buffet is that if you dont like it then at least you can go try something else. Regarding the beach, all I can say is WOW. pictures do not do it justice. It rains almost everyday around lunch time so be prepared but no worries, its just liquid sunshine Margaritiville was a waste of time. Drinks and food were way over priced and if you were not ordering then they did not want you sitting at a table to watch and enjoy the DJ and entertainment. We ended up just walking back along the beach to the resort. Ricks Cafe was an awesome experience even if you didnt jump. Just watching was fun. We cant wait to go back!