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    Default 6 Months from today I will be at CSA!!!!

    That my friends is to long of a wait..... Got to quit reading the message board or I might just have to make arrangements for a new trip next month to Jamaica soon.....

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    6 months from today I'm getting married at CSA! Yes, it's too long to wait, but at least have summer to look forward to & then football season will be here and then head to the beautiful island!

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    Should I bring my tux ??? Congrats.....

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    Lucky dogs, wish we had a trip planned! I think the anticipation is half the fun, Enjoy

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    Lol in 6 months and 1 day, we will be getting married at CSA

    11am on the beach! We arrive on the 11th and thankfully don't leave until the 21st. Good times!

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