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    Default 1st Time to Jamaica Staying at CN cant wait

    Me and the wives first trip without kids and first time to Jamaica not even sure what to expect but cant wait to find out LOL!!!!
    going in August so its getting close

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    You've made a huge mistake.

    Your first trip to Jamaica and you're starting with the best they have to offer. Now, unless you keep going to CN, you're going to be disappointed any time you go anywhere else.

    You will LOVE CN.

    Seriously. Almost everyone I know goes south for a vacation and many are happy going to places like the DR or Cuba. When I talk about CN I tell them it's great but it will ruin the other places for them so they won't enjoy Cuba (Especially the food) after going to CN.

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    Sign up for Romance rewards and check out csa for a few hours,(it's free). And it's a nice perk! Have a great trip

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    If you spend enough time reading the message boards, you'll find out what to expect. Or if you prefer, don't read them, and surprise yourself! We went with no expectations and were very pleasantly surprised.

    So jealous, by the way, my trip back to CN isn't until June of 2014.

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    It's nice to have a few tips from repeaters, but it's almost more fun to just go and see what it's all about. You are gonna have a blast! Enjoy!
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    You will love it!! Like the others have said, you will be back again and again. We have done AIs in Mexico, Bahamas, Dominican Republic and other AIs in Jamaica. Couples is number 1 for us. We were in Vegas for Memorial Wknd and the Hubby said several times, Why aren't we in Jamaica????? Have a wonderful time

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    We were just there for the first time in June and fell in love. You will have an amazing time!

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    Welcome to the addiction...
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    Went to CN last year for the first time and we are returning again this Sep. The reason we are going back is the water. CN is located on the north side of 7 mile beach on a bay. Water is VERY calm. Get a floatie and lay in the water and soak up the sun. So peaceful. The water is so clear and you can go far out into the water without it going over your head.

    Alot of the activity is centered around the pool and bar. The resort is smaller which is good as you get to meet people that way. Not far to get to everything.

    There is a local park near by and on Sunday's the locals come and play music all day which could be heard from the resort. Really felt like you were in Jamaica.

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    we were deciding between CN and Hedo 2 I hope we made the right choice guess we will see soon only about 2 or 3 weeks away I hope there are some other fun couples at CN when were their

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    You'll have a fantastic time! We won't be there until October - but, I'm sure you'll find yourselves meeting a ton of people and having a great time. Give the au natural beach a go - it's amazing!

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