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    Default LAST CHANCE -Book by June 5 and Save for 2013 travel

    Hi All:

    Rates will increase on June 6 for most, if not all, dates through December 25, 2013. If you have not booked your 2013 stay, do it NOW!

    Couples Resorts

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    Thanks for the reminder! This deal was too good to pass up -- we are booked to go home (for the first time!) to CSA for Christmas.

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    June 5, 2013: Book by this date to save on your 2013 vacation to our Jamaica Resorts. Rates to increase on June 6.

    June 12, 2013: Book by this date for your 2013 vacation to Couples Barbados. $1000 Instant Air Credit goes Bye-Bye
    Hi Randy does it include barbados?

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    Trying to book NOW online! Getting an error! And the reservation line is out of order until tomorrow morning! Will you please honor the same rates in the morning when I call? Thank you in advance! Trying to make a trip happen with first-timer friends!

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