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    Default Couples Negril:Whiskey?

    Hello! First time poster here, visiting in September

    My traveling partner is partial to whiskey. What types do they have at Couples Negril that are readily available?
    I searched the forums, but almost all the threads are from over a year ago.


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    I know they have Crown Royal but can't remember any others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a63vetteowner View Post
    I know they have Crown Royal but can't remember any others.

    That's all I needed to know. 6 more days. Jamaica soon come.....

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    We are going in 45 days, so I can get a complete list and report back. I know they had Jack, Jim, Glenlivet, Jameson, and maybe a few others when we were there in June 2012.

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    The Mrs and I were there a couple years ago and they had Crown Royal...I would assume that it's still available.

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    I only drink scotch whiskey. In the room when you order whiskey you get Teachers which I returned as I do not care for it. In the Piano bar and in the other restaurants in the evening you can get Glenlivet which I drink at home. It used to be readily available so it might be again. We were at C.N. last November. This was the first time that it was restricted to the evening. Do not know what is available during the day as I did not order any.

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    Hubby drinks crown royal at CN

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    Jamaican Whisky, it's called Appleton VX. When in Rome.......

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    Here's the CN whiskey list from a few years back:

    Canadian Club
    Chivas Regal
    Crown Royal
    Jack Daniels
    Jim Beam
    Johnny Walker Black Label
    Johnny Walker Red Label
    Seagrams VO
    Teachers -Scotch
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    JW Black can be had...

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    Does anyone know if they have Jack Daniels at CTI and CN? That is my fiancee drink of choice although he does do other drinks like pina colada etc when we are on vaction. We will be staying at CTI and CN in march for our honeymoon. If there is no Jack at these resorts can you buy a bottle at the airport and bring it with you. Thanks for any responses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tammy737 View Post
    The list I posted above has Jack Daniels on it.
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    Just got home from CN and they DO have Jack Daniel's. They also have Jim Beam.

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    Thank you Jiggy. I know. Thanks Dank but you said the list was a few years old. I was hoping recent stayers could confirm that. Now this couples Negril. I'm hoping it is true for couples tower isle as well. My fiancée will be very happy. And does anyone know if you can get can get theJack Daniels for the mini bar in the room or is this only at the bars around the resort. Thanks again. Can't wait.

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