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    Default CN at the End of Nov

    Thought I would start this up again..and note**Almost down to 150 days until the Bummergroup (hahah!) returns to Negril!!

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    That long? We are certainly looking forward to seeing everyone again.

    I'm pretty darn convinced that we will miss the decisive actions that Sheriff Mike took when gawkers stopped along the beach to pull their tongues back into their mouths. I hope Deputy Dog Tom can take over the patrolling duties for the Bummergroup.

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    Default In good hands

    I am certain the deputy will handle his assigned duties with the skills needed. We will miss you guys.

    The Sheriff

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    Hey kids! Who's up for lobster at the Office of Nature? Mike & Sally, we'll really miss you two. We'll drink 30 or 40 Hummingbirds in your honor.

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    Suggestion on how to handle GAWKERS.

    This worked for us in the past.

    Create a row of beach chairs and willing souls to the side of the Sea Grape tree. As the gawkers stop to gaze stand up in wave form to greet them. The gawkers will quickly stop.

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    well, I'm 50 now and I have My AARP card! Does this change my status as deputy? What do I do if I'm in the floating city and no one's on the sand to keep watch?

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    Happy Birthday Tom!! Hope you had a great one!! If we have the floating city, no worries on the beach..besides, after a few hummingbirds we probably won't even notice anyone on the beach..

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    Hey all you Bummer groupies. Just wanted to see who was still visiting here. Was thinking of coming with a tan line this year to watch it disappear! 136 Days!!!!!

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    hmmmmm tanlines?? Not sure we would be able to recognize you..

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    Ok, so I will bring some stick on name tags for everyone!

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    Our mouths are already drooling for those hummingbummingbirds. Can't wait for our first group toast on the beach... bottoms up or maybe it's bottoms down first. Jamaica com soon mon!

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    Sure wish we could have booked with you guys. Maybe next time. I'm in school and we are leaving on my last day of class. I'll be ready to relax for sure!!!! Hope everyone is doing well.

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    Lindz, Did you get my email. Just checking to make sure your address did'nt change. We'll miss you two. I have a couple of pics we took if you want me to e-mail them.

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    What dates are you guys going to be there? My fiance and I are having a "weddingmoon" at CN in NOV and definitely are going to be at the AN beach (after the folks leave haha). We are there from the 11th to the 19th. We are Couples virgins but we can't wait!

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    The Bummergroup (hah- still makes me laugh!) Will be there from Nov 27th until Dec 6th, so it sounds like we will miss you. We promise to raise a glass to you newlyweds though!!

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    115 days 14 hours 3 minutes...(well you get the idea) till we're HOME!!!!!

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    108 days until we are floating in the city! Still looking for a floaty thing to hold all those hummingbirds.

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    108 days till we're home with a vodka slushy in hand!!

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    103 days until we get to call CN our new home. Will be our first time. Looking foward to the sun, beach, and Rum Runners.
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    5 am on a Looong weekend of working almost the whole weekend- soooo sleepy- I must be gettin old as it wasn't this hard in my 20's..Thinking about the beach and the fun is about the only thing keeping me awake. Hope things are good with everyone. Wish us luck- we put the house on the market and have an open house today!! Less than 80 days to go.

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    Default Sounds like a fun group

    Rita and Jim will be there on Nov 28th for a week. What dates are all you folks going to be there?

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    Rita and Jim,
    We are there from the 27th through the 4th. I can smell the ocean and Rum already
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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    Look forward to meeting you on the 28th, could not agree more about the Rum bring on the Appleton


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    72 days and counting DOWN!! Oh and the HAWKS just beat the crap out of the cy-CLOWNS!!! GO HAWKS!! Stone can't wait to meet you.

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    Same here Hawk!
    I was at the Iowa/UNI game. It tried looking for you. I'm not sure why I couldn't find you. I was just looking for a guy in an Iowa shirt.
    Hum, not sure, but maybe it was the other 70,000-100,000 people wearing the same thing. What a great day!! What a goofy game!! A win is a win.
    I know one game at a time, but I am so hyped for the Penn State game.
    Where did you say that you tailgate at? I won't be at the Arizona game, but I hope to be at the Arkansas State game. Clowns is right. 6 1/2 point spread my butt!
    Jamaica Us Happy
    Jason & Ann

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