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    Default CSS or CTI ? Please help me choose

    My fiancee and I are planning to visit Jamaica next summer; however, we can not decide between CTI and CSS. We are a young couple and will be celebrating our 5th anniversary during our stay. Please advise

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    CSS - and make sure you visit SSB on your first day - at least for a few minutes. If you like it you'll stay the whole week and won't regret not trying it sooner!! If you don't then at least you found out early on!!

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    What are you wanting out of your vacation. If you can give a little more information about what you want out of your vacation, we will be able to help you a little better help you find what you are looking for.
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    We love CTI. it has a younger feel. Totally old Hollywood glam. Either way you can't go wrong.
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    We've been to CSS twice and absolutely love it! In fact, during our last stay we were scheduled to visit CTI and the day before we were to visit we decided to not go. CSS is so beautiful with magnificent views we didn't think the trip to CTI could be any better! CSS is hilly and highly vegetated. There are lots of steps. But, that just makes the views that much more spectacular! CTI is more of a hotel feel, from what I've been told, and I'm sure it's just as nice. After all, it IS a Couples resort, so it will be great. I vote for CSS. Once you go, you know!
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    Hi, Since CSS and CTI are both in Ocho Rios, book at one of the resorts then sign up for Romance Rewards and visit the resort you didn't select on a Trading Places day. Hubby and I have trip #7 planned to CSS coming up in July and can't wait! You will have a wonderful time at whatever resort you select!

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    I do not think age makes a difference between the 2 resorts in Ocho.

    I like the restaurant choices better at CTI, the grounds were bigger at CSS. The a/n area of CSS was a little better but the island at CTI was very nice.

    The beach was not that different between the (2), no cat cruise at CSS.

    CSS is built into the cliffs so you do have a lot of steps. We had a beachfront room that we really enjoyed.

    We are going back to CTI this time vs CSS so CTI did get our vote.

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    We love CTI. Go with your gut. You can sign up for the romance rewards and doa day visit to the other property. We stayed 2 weeks when we were married, 10 nights when we went back for our 5 yr anniversary (2 yrs ago) and are booked 11 nights this October. We still hhaven't been able to pull ourselves away to CSS yet.

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    I would say CTI. Like others have said it does have a younger feel to it. When we went to CTI on a Trading Places day we found the crowd very active and younger than we are. Seemed to have lots of activity around the swim up bar! CSS is more laid back and quiet. Think about what your priorities are. Go to YouTube and type in CTI or CSS and you'll see lots of guests videos. This may give you a different perspective and help you choose! Have a wonderful time wherever! You will love both!

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    Although we are young we have an old soul. Nonetheless, we enjoy sipping on alcoholic beverages and music does not disturb us. Regarding accommodations i can be a bit picky ; specifically the bathrooms.

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    Thank you for the advice.

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