Just got back yesterday from our stay at CN. Monday was our first full day so we were kind of a couple of deer in headlights. Tuesday we went zip lining. I hate heights and hated zipping. In return my wife agreed that on Wed she would go to the nude beach and even though we were nervous, we spent the remaining days there. So relaxing and freeing to just enjoy the Jamaican sun and breeze in the buff. Unfortunately during lunch one afternoon, a couple who apparently saw us in the water started talking to another couple at a table next to us basically saying they avoid the area at all costs. The table next to us said it just wasn't for them but they don't have a problem with it. Then the woman who saw us pretty much said that everyone who goes to it are idiot perverts yadda yadda. It took a lot for me to not say something.

Other than that everything was amazing. We're both kind of bummed we have to go back to tan lines but cannot wait to return to the peaceful nude beaches of couples resorts!