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    Default Day 3 in Barbados.

    Well. So far the resort is an 8 out of 10. There are some kinks to sort out and the work is not yet done. The staff is AWESOME and the guests/clientele is fabulous. The food is unbelievable-SO gooood!! The ocean is quite rough and red flags are up 2 of the 3 days. This is why no floaties are possible. Rooms are a good size, lovely bathrooms, nice balconies, comfortable beds, mini bars stocked (for most guests). I will post a proper review after our trip, but I hope this update is helpful to some travelers considering CB. Cheers!!!

    (As an aside, I think we prefer CTI to CB at the moment. We have several more days to change our view, though.)
    Socal and Sintown
    CN 6/2014
    CB 6/2013
    CTI 6/2012

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    Thanks for taking the time to post! We're booked for December and I"ve been dying for some info. How's the beach? I"m a CSA regular so the beach is important to me. Also.. have you gone off property at all? I"m going to miss CSA this December but I"m really excited about getting to explore Barbados! Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and looking forward to your review!

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    In your opinion with all you have witnessed thus far, how do you think it will be in September? As far as kinks worked out and work being done?

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    socal... Thanks so much for your input so far. I've been looking every day knowing you were there right now. I had a feeling you might write something while you were still there. We are not going until October so the work should be completed. I'm very happy to hear the food is really good. One of the inclusions states Glass Bottom Boat / Swim with Turtles. Could you let us know in your after vacation review, that we will actually be getting in the water and swimming with the turtles. They are not offering Snorkeling. When we were in Barbados 11 years ago we did an extra excursion and went out on a Cat Cruise and snorkeled and swam with the turtles. It was great.
    Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

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    Thanks for the info. Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip. Look forward to a full review.
    Shame about the weather/conditions. We had similar at CTI back in Dec/Jan 2011. It was quite cool from a cold front and the water was rough. No water sports until nearly the end of the week they ran the cat cruises, but it was still pretty rough, and the water cool. Can't fault the resort of course, and we still loved CTI and will go back ...Looking forward to CB in Dec! Kinks should all be worked out by then.

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    Thanks Socal, for the preliminary review. I will be there this Sunday! I can't wait! Can you please tell me if there is WIFI in the room? How is the weather there so far? Have a great rest of your trip! Thanks!!

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    Yeah the CB posts start to come in! I bet there are hundreds of people waiting for them - all the posts are of Jamaica, which of course they are going to be but we may now start to get some real info! Please please, if you are there, or when you are back, post as much info as possible!!!!

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    Reviews are now appearing on Trip Advisor and it sure would be good to hear from management as they are not positive.

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    We did the catamaran yesterday. It was great fun, however, we did not see any turtles. We saw lots of fish, 2 sunken ships and 2 starfish. Snorkeling is part of he catamaran cruise. The boat crew is outstanding!

    We went off site today on an unorganized excursion to crane beach.!!! Best day yet.

    Still a few kinks with mini fridge being serviced at 9pm (if at all) and, as with most resorts, the beach towels are at a premium.

    The surf is not calm at all on this end of the island, but we prefer a bit of rough sea, so we enjoy it. No spa available yet (SUCH a shame as I was very much looking forward to it). But here are several pools so everyone should be sufficiently served.

    No room service, however, food is indeed available after hours. And again, I haven't been disappointed at all with the food choices.

    I'll post a full review after our trip ends Saturday, but feel free to ask questions on this thread.
    Socal and Sintown
    CN 6/2014
    CB 6/2013
    CTI 6/2012

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    socal - thanks for the update, we appreciate you sharing your experience.

    We are heading to CB July 4-13. This will be our first time at a Couples resort. There have been a number of less than favorable reviews posted recently on TripAdvisor, so we are, not surprisingly, a bit apprehensive. We look forward to your full review.

    A couple of questions: (1) are the bed linens new? (2) did you SCUBA dive or golf? If so, how was it? (3) is there anything you recommend that we bring with us? (4) any recommendations re other beaches to visit/things to do?

    Again, thank you for you sharing. Hope your trip was fantastic!

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    Where did you get food after hours? It looks like they only have 3 restaurants and I was curious if any were a buffet for dinner or if they had a grill for snacks in between restaurant hours. We loved CSA but my husband wants to go someplace different and Barbados sounds like fun, I was just curious how the food worked there. Also if there was any kind of dress code, or if it was the same as CSA and other couple resorts. Thanks!

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    Sounds like your having a good trip!I will admit to being a tiny bit worried by some of the not so good initial reviews but I"ve been going to Couples long enough to know that they'll make things right!
    Crane beach is on our list of places to go.. did you use the public buses or arrange private transportation? From what I"ve read its easy to use the public bus system and I"m hoping to take advantage of that. Love to get out an explore on our own! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mshell View Post
    Sounds like your having a good trip!I will admit to being a tiny bit worried by some of the not so good initial reviews but I"ve been going to Couples long enough to know that they'll make things right!
    Crane beach is on our list of places to go.. did you use the public buses or arrange private transportation? From what I"ve read its easy to use the public bus system and I"m hoping to take advantage of that. Love to get out an explore on our own! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
    We agree, Couples will get this right. We are big believers in the Couples brand as we have never been disappointed in anyway on any of our trips to Couples. While we can't be firm on 2014, it is our plan to go to CB and experience this wonderful new Couples venture.

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    Thank you for the updates. Did you qualify for the government incentive free money program? Are people making use of the free vouchers? Can you include any of that information when you make your longer review when you get back, Please?

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    I agree with Socal. I am here now and have enjoyed my stay so far. The staff is very friendly and you can tell they are still transitioning to Couples. The kept the same staff when they changed over. They did service our mini bar while we were asleep. I did not like this. Seems they could do this during the day when most people are at the beach. The rooms are very nice and spacious. I am in the Ocean Front Suite. The view is amazing! I can tell they just updated some of the stuff in the room. I have no remote for one television and am still waiting on them to bring it.

    The food at the lunch grill was good. They served burgers, hotdogs, chicken etc. The breakfast buffet was the same as other Couples resorts. The Yes Please restaurant is very good food. The staff was friendly. Men should bring slacks. This is required at the evening restaurants. The bars are well stocked and the bartenders are nice. I have not done any excursions yet but hope to do the catamaran and some things offsite.

    They have done a good job getting the resort together. Be prepared to wait for your room during check in. This was not seamless and took a few hours for our rooms. They took us to the bar and we had lunch so it was a painless wait but a wait none the less. They need to work on getting things to the room when asked for and also need to work on sending the cleaning crews around. I have noticed some dirty dishes outside or room from other guests that are still there but overall the staff is doing an amazing job and keep in mind this in new to them. I believe when all the kinks are worked out this will be the nicest couples resort to visit.

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    Thank you SoCal and ncbeachbum.

    Couples Resorts

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    Why isn't there any room service? It said 24 hr room service included when we booked. And are the robes in yet? And I pre-checked in the minibar. I hope it's actually stocked with our choices when we get there. Also we are going to be on our honeymoon. Are we going to be able to get our complimentary 25 minute massage and champagne? Also, can I wear nice sandals with my slacks at the restaurants? Please make sure our honeymoon is wonderful randymon. Our first couples resort, first all inclusive, and first trip out of the states. Thanks

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    Which night of the week is the repeat guest dinner?

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    Andrew - it says 24 "food" service, not room service. We do offer Continental breakfast room service.

    Robes are being delivered. It normal takes until you arrive to stock the minibar as the actual room numbers are not assigned until day of arrival. Yes you will receive your massage and sparkling wine provided you show proof that you were married within 30 days of arrival. Yes, sandals and slacks are ok here.

    welcomehhomeagain - The repeat guest dinner will be held on Tuesdays.

    CountryBoy -- So that SoCal and NCBeachBum can continue enjoying their stay...
    Cool Runnings is the name of the Catamaran Cruise company we use. It is offered on certain days. Right now, Tuesday and Thursday, more based on demand.
    No Glass Bottom Boat.
    Yes Please is open for lunch and dinner.
    Slacks and Sandals ok here.
    Red Flag means no swimming.
    Not cards or id required for beach towels.

    SPA is fully operational now.

    Couples Resorts

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    Hi guys

    Very kind of you to post whilst on holidays - thank you for that.

    It's been a dream/fantasy of ours to vist Barbados ever since totally tropical released " oh I'm going to Barbados " back in the 70's ...... We're singing it right now :-)

    There are some negative posts on trip advisor and we are extremely concerned the resort is not ready - we've paid a lot of money and will be travelling from Britain in 3 weeks - we can change our resort now - do you think we should as it will be too late when we arrive ?

    Big thank you again
    Mikey and Rachel x

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    Travel agents in the UK including Kenwood Travel and Hayes and Jarvis are advertising CB as having in room dining..just thought you would like to know.

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    Thanks Randymon (for answering my questions and letting the others relax!)

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    Randymon- Is that no glass bottom boat EVER or not yet? Also can you or someone explain the restaurants to me?? The way I understand it is....

    Beach Grill-Lunch and snack style food
    Waves-Bfast,Lunch,and Dinner (Buffet style)
    Yes Please-Dinner only (A' la carte)
    Dover Grill-Dinner only (A' la carte)

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    Hello All,

    I know if you are like us you are reading the message boards for reviews. I will answer a few questions I see on this board.

    The beach grill is not a resteraunt youi walk in to but is a grill set up pool side that fixes burgers, hotdogs, grilled fish, chicken and for you vegaterians like me veggie burgers! They have condiments and fries to go along with burgers. Waves is buffet style for lunch the food is a little heavy in my opinion. For example today they served pork chops and pepper steak with a pasta station. I would like to see some variation. Maybe a sub station and pizza.They also have a restaurant at lunch that serves vegetarian food at Yes Please. If you do not eat meat I highly recommend it. Great food! The Dover Grill and Yes Please are by far the best places to eat. They do have a late night grill that opens after hours that serves the same food you can get at lunch. burgers, fries hotdogs etc..

    We hired a car service to take us around the island. I Highly recommend this. It was so much fun! We got to see all Barbados has to offer and did this early in the week. We visited Harrison Cave and took a tour. This was fun if you like that sort of thing. It was nice to drive through the country side and see the families picnicing at the beaches. The driver took us to all the major spots.
    I would recommend booking your excursions when you first get here. If you want to do the catamaran book this right away. We go tomorrow.

    I went to the spa today and it is fabulous. They are operating in the afternoons since work is still being done but it was great. Very relaxing. I fell asleep during my massage so this means she did her job. The spa is very elegant and the cabanas where they do the massages lets you hear the ocean. I would highly recommend their services.

    This resort has a main bar area where the nightly entertainment performs. This makes for a good time since everyone sort of congregates in this area. It is fun to socialize with other guests. I would like some variation in the entertainment. Once this ends everyone heads to the piano bar around 11 this is also fun and the bigger the crowd the funner the night is.

    I will say I have heard some guests complain about silly things. To each their own. This resort is new and they are experiencing growing pains so this it is not perfect but you are in paradise so who cares! I have had a relaxing time so far and love this resort.

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    Great posts - NC ..... Thank you - keep em coming

    Where did u book ur car excursion - what was the cost ?

    We don't arive until July 18th or we'd buy you guys a drink - lol

    Mikey & Rachel x

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