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    Default September 19th Kingston and staying a CSS

    We are flying into Kingston From London in the BA fllght on Friday 19th September and staying at CSS.
    Are there any other guests on the same flight going to CSS ?
    Quiets Brits
    10+ visits to GLB
    2 Visits to GLN
    Visit 2 to CSS

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    We were to be on that flight, but have changed to Virgin into Montego Bay a few days later due to family. We will be there from 24th September till the 5th October.
    The last two years we have done BA to Kingston. Not too sure if we met you last year? Is your hubby Andrew? had friends Gerry & Neil ?

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    The deals on BA are just so good that we had to go through Kingston instead of Virgin into Montego Bay. Virgin has been so good after Air Jamaica closed the Heathrow route but they do not seem to offer sales on that route.
    We are Jerry and Bev and we don't think we met you last year, unless it was in the bar at the beach Grill in the evening
    Last year we were finding our way about the resort and were disappointed that the SSB pool was closed until the last few days of our visit.
    We guess there is no couples lounge at Kingston to greet you

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    There is no couples lounge at Kingston, but no problem, you will find your transport just outside, when we have been there has been a car waiting for us.
    Maybe we will see you about there. This will be our 7th visit to CSS.

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