My wife and I spent 8 days at CSS the first part of June and loved it. We especially enjoyed the AN beach, or Sunset Beach, SSB. There is plenty of beach to roam around, granted not like Negril for long walks, but enough space to walk or play Bocci ball. The sea water is nice, we liked it better than the main beach. It is clearer than the main beach. Yes is does get a bit cold with the river water mixing in, but we found it refreshing, the main beach water too hot. You really need to wear water shoes because of shells and rocks. We spent a lot of time on lounger cushions right next to the water, very nice.

There is a public beach adjacent to SSB and there were quite a few local people there on the weekends, pretty much no one during the week. Occasionally a guy or girls would wander over to the edge of SSB and gawk a bit, but nothing really bothersome. Veronique at the bar fixed us up all week long with good drinks and pleasant company. The pool is nice, a bit small with a good size section that is like 1foot deep. I guess that is for just laying in the pool on the bottom. The Cave/waterfall in the pool is nice too, you can go in there and have a bit of privacy if you want. Pool seems mostly for socializing near the swim up bar, which we did some of also.

The food is great, jerk chicken and jerk burgers plus a nice buffet, meat pies. It's nice to eat there and not have to put your clothes back on and go to the main beach grill. Met plenty of friendly people from all over.

Organized activities seemed a bit hit and miss at SSB. The activities that didn't involve much moving or getting out of the pool (trivia ,etc) proved most popular, LOL. Bocci ball set needs replacing, the plastic balls some have water or some have nothing and some are normal. Its hard to find two the same weight.

One gripe, people that come super early (or maybe even at night) and put their towels with clips on the chairs under the few thatched roof shade things. Earliest I got there was 8am and all were already taken, One couple had the best one every day for all 8 days by doing this. Doesn't seem fair. We were always able to move loungers to the shade of a tree though.

We went several nights after hours, like 11pm and swam nude. No one there. the security guard was there but always went over to the basketball court when we arrived, gave us privacy. All in all we loved every day there, very relaxing clothes free time. Will be back soon