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    Default Couples Massage Class

    I told my husband that I was interested in taking the couples massage class and he wasn't all that thrilled. Do you actually learn different techniques to give each other a massage? I guess I'm wondering just what happens in the class then I could let hubby know and maybe he won't be so skittish.

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    We did it at CTI and it was awesome!!!! We were the only ones that showed up for the class so essentially it was like getting a couples massage for free. Yes they teach you techniques and each of you get to practice on the other. Honestly, we will be doing the class again on our next trip.

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    Will this class be offered at CB??

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    Yea, it is worth it, both relaxing and fun at the same time! We'll do it again too...

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    This sounds great! Something from our vacation that we can use at home

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